Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dream 73

I had a dream last night, which was very vivid upon waking. I thought about the dream in the minutes after waking up when I used the bathroom, so that I would consolidate the memory in my mind and record it, but as I came back into the bedroom to write it down, I had a phone call and thus got involved in a conversation. When I finished the call, I could not properly remember the dream - only fragments of it, even though a short while before, the memory of the dream had been strong in my mind. I will record what I remember and if any other memories come to mind at a later stage (i.e. during meditation which sometimes happens), I will update this post accordingly. 

Three separate interlinked scenes in a narrative - the idea of 'three' is very strong as I recall focusing on remembering all three individual scenes while I was peeing.

White boxes on a table or windowsill or a long table under a window in a dark room.

Looking up at a deep blue sky and waiting for the light to change. The beach? An exterior scene.

The character 'Joey Branning' i.e. David Witts, an actor from Eastenders. I knew him in the dream. He was wearing baggy blue jeans and a white 'wife-beater' vest and later appeared bare chested. There was some form of 'problem' or crisis, but I am not sure if it was me who helped him, or him who helped me. I remember him lying back on a king-size bed with a blue duvet cover. Some form of choice - choosing him? Him choosing me?
The interior of a car - a car journey. Special trip? Something to do with London - Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge maybe involved? I don't think I actually saw her...

A bakery or a cafe - cake - coffee morning - Saturday morning - balloons - pale pink colours - flowers

Books, writing, words on a page.

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