Friday, 24 August 2012

Dream 81

The first scene of this dream took place in an interior setting, of which I am unable to recall any detail, except that there was a medium sized round wooden table. There were other people in the room, but I cannot recall who they were either. I was being asked to choose something - I am not sure for what purpose, but my options were either a witch-like woman, dressed in a black cape, with a huge green boa constrictor snake draped across her shoulders causing her to walk with a hunchback; or a similar looking witch, walking upright, carrying a basket of snakes. I said to the group that I was with that we should make the decision using scale models. I moved a couple of feet towards the table and saw that there were miniature models of the two snake witches, about the size of War Hammer figures. I thought that these models were smaller than War Hammer figures, and in the dream, tried to 'remember' the actual size of War Hammer. I held my hand up, estimating the size with the gap between my index finger and thumb. 

I was then on a balcony at night. It seemed like a holiday destination - I could see the ocean in the background. Nicole Kidman was there, in a white dress. Behind her, hugging her, sitting on the balcony railing was a 'Greek man' (I was not introduced to him, I just perceived him to be Greek). I thought to myself: 'why does my mum think she is so pretty?' Her forehead seemed very beige and big/shiny.

Next, I was in the kitchen of my London home, making a huge pan of spicy tomato soup. It was boiling, bubbling up to the top of the pan. My attention was distracted and I went upstairs for a moment. I'm not sure what happened while I was upstairs, as almost immediately I found myself back in the kitchen, intending to eat some of the soup. As I walked through the door, I saw a stack of dirty washing up. The pan of soup was gone - the empty, dirty pan was on the counter. I felt annoyed and disappointed.

I was then back, making a choice between the figurines of the snake witches. I chose the one with the hunchback and the green boa around her shoulders/neck. I saw a vision of her, full-size. I woke up.

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