Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Dream 80

I was walking outside, in the dark - it was night-time. I came to a row of benches, where it seemed that a group of refugees were crowded, with their belongings scattered around on the floor. I thought the benches were some form of shelter for homeless people, but as I got closer I realised it was a bus terminal, or similar. There was a clear glass screen and this area was surrounded by trees. I stood alongside the row of benches and noticed that the people seated were in fact children of various ages. However, they all looked very similar, with huge round faces and sandy brown hair, in a 'bowl cut'. Their faces were covered in freckles. The people standing were adults. I walked along the row of children on benches, looking at them. As I got to each one they would open their mouths and smile widely at me. Their teeth were enormous - each one was about the size of a credit card, but perfectly square, and just off-white in colour. I turned to one of the adults standing up - a blonde, middle-aged woman in a camel-colour trench coat. She had shopping bags full of Christmas decorations. As if explaining why the children had such large teeth, she said: "Those are JFK's relatives..." I was satisfied by her explanation.

I was then in PC's living-room in her home in Sheringham. It was still very dark. It seemed like it might be Christmas, but I could not see normal decorations. There was a tall, thin, dark haired elderly male, seated at the table with a line of red paper-wrapped boxes in front of him. I do not recall the conversation I had with him.

I was then upstairs in my bedroom at PC's house with PS. The room appeared to be longer, with new item of furniture in it, such as a beech-coloured wooden counter (where one of the beds should be), which PS was standing behind. I had asked PS for a money loan, and he was telling me why he would not lend me the money. He said that he was paying off the debts of E (in real-life E is a younger male, known to me in person, and known to PS and through the hip hop community as an events organiser and rapper). I asked him why he was paying E's debts and he said he wanted to be with E, he made him more happy than I could. I asked him if E had promised to supply him with women in return for paying his debts and PS said 'yes' - he and E would be going out to meet women brown-haired women together. I felt very angry. I found myself standing in the middle of the staircase at PC's house, thinking about this situation and trying to work out what to do to change it. I woke up.

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