Monday, 12 November 2012

Dream 92

I was with my mum, my nan and other family members. It was really dim light in an outside setting - we seemed to be just outside the entrance to a seaside resort with a fun fair and other attractions. It seemed like it was daytime, but it looked like it was dusk. My nan pointed to a big white building, which was dome shaped and had a 'frilly' or ruffled texturised roof. She said: "Look at the cauliflower building". The building did resemble a cauliflower and the whiteness of it was very bright and stark against the indigo sky. We walked around in a group. There were other people around. At the side of one building there was some kind of ditch - looking down, it felt like I was standing on a train platform observing the train tracks below. The ditch or trough was filled with black gravel, or pebble of some sort. My mum jumped into the ditch and told me to follow her - I got down more cautiously. We walked along in the ditch and I realised we were walking down towards a beach.

I was in a room and it was quite dark. I noticed there were books lined up on shelves on the walls. I was writing  a book, I saw the pages close up, but the writing did not seem like my own - it was childlike and scribbly. A word was written vertically down one of the walls (which was brown wood). The word was 'moosh' or 'woosh'. 

I was in a huge train station, standing at the bottom of a flight of stairs. A girl I knew from primary/high school, KP (very pretty and popular) was waking down the stairs to join me. We were going to a class together. I noticed she was wearing black Mary Jane shoes, which I admired. I thought: 'if she's wearing them, I should wear mine which are similar' (I do own some similar). However I then thought I should wear the white version I also own, instead. We were walking through the train station and then came outside into light. I realised this was my 'dream town' - a familiar, yet unknown town which appears in many of my dreams but is not recognised as a real-life place (in one dream it was called Sudbury/Sudsbury - but was not either of the two real-life locations which have the same name). We then were sitting at a large table by a window. It seemed to be a cafe on a university campus. Three males joined us, but remaining standing, leaning on the table. We made some form of social arrangements and I felt happy, noting what a nice person KP turned out to be. She suddenly got out a small velvet drawstring bag, and took out a large but diamond, which we both admired for some time.

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