Sunday, 18 November 2012

Dream 96

I was in a bar - the lighting was blue and the atmosphere was smoky/hazy. The bar had leather booth-style seating. Jay-Z and Beyonce were sitting at a table having drinks. I approached them - I stood at their table, and noticed that there was a fruit machine (a gaming slot machine) behind me. I could see the lights flashing. Jay-Z was not being friendly. I looked at Beyonce to see if she would tell him off for being impolite, but she seemed really dopey and stupid - as if she was unable to think for herself. She was just smiling with a moronic expression. Jay-Z was smoking a cigar. I left the bar and went shopping in Norwich city - it seemed as though it were winter time (as it is now in real-life). I was aware that I had an outstanding university assignment/some paperwork to complete and I felt anxious. I went to my nan's home in Sheringham. My cousin HM was also there - sitting in the armchair by the door in the living-room. I stood in the doorway and announced my presence. There was a cat in the room, sitting by the dining table. I did not ask why or how it came to be there, or who it belonged to, but noticed that it was odd as my nan does not have any pets. I walked over to the mantelpiece by the electric fire, which in the dream had converted back to the real log fire which used to be there when I lived in the house as a child. I told my nan that I had met Jay-Z and Beyonce. She did not seem impressed. I reminded her that they were very famous (in real-life my nan knows this - she is quite up to date with modern culture for a lady of her age, and actually admires the Kardashian family and hip hop stars such as Jay-Z, Beyonce etc. In the dream she seemed more 'traditional' and close-minded than real-life). I said: "When she's dead, Beyonce will be as iconic as Marilyn Monroe" (this was odd - I, like my nan, truly believe no famous woman will ever be as iconic as Monroe - largely because of the time she emerged, post-war, and the particular circumstances of her life. I do believe Beyonce is iconic - but not in the same way Monroe is). My nan said: "She will never be like Monroe". I walked back towards the door. HM was not interacting in any way, she was just sitting there. I said in an aggressive manner: "That shows how ignorant you are!" I left the house. As I was walking down the road, I had a strange thought (which should have prompted lucidity in the dream!): 'This is going to be so hard to record on my Blog!' I therefore, not only realised that I was - on some level - dreaming (my Blog relates to dreams - why else would I record the events of the dream, unless I was aware it was a dream, not a waking experience? but also, I attributed a complexity to the dream content - whilst still in the dream - which was not actually there - this was a relatively easy dream to recall and record! I was then in some kind of electronics shop, standing by a counter which was bright white tiled. There were large round lamps overhead. A voice - I could not see the owner of the voice - said: "Are you here for shelf-stacking?" I said: "No" and began to converse with a young male shop assistant working behind the counter. He had mid-brown hair and was wearing a red and white striped shirt, buttoned up to the neck. We were gossiping. I told him that I would have to get back to university soon, and then found myself on campus. I was now in a room, which I am not sure whether it was a classroom or a bedroom in halls of residence. I was standing by a long, narrow window, looking out onto a courtyard (grey concrete). The glass in the window was tinted blue-ish. There were large potted ferns in front of the window and a young woman stood by my side. I did not turn to look at her properly, but I was aware that she was about my height. I said: "Am I at university?" She said: "Yes, but it's Cambridge". I turned to look at the room behind me. I was still not sure what kind of room it was - there was some furniture and a lot of artwork on the walls. I noticed a bright painting of a monkey and another of a clown - I felt interested in my surroundings and thought: 'I must remember this!' I woke up.

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