Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Dream Bites #3

One disputed fact about dreaming (because it is currently empirically unprovable) is that we can only ever dream of what we know and have experienced. Dreams of unfamiliar strangers who play out roles are not creations of the imagination, but the real faces of the hundreds of thousands of actual people we have seen in our lifetime, whether we remember them or not. Our brains are therefore loaded with an endless supply of dream characters and other imagery (or other forms of sensory experience – such as sounds, touch, smell etc) which we collect over the course of our lives. Sometimes, our dreaming mind may use several different faces/sensory memories to create a composite image/symbol – for example, combining aspects or characteristics of more than one person/thing to form something entirely new and unique. But it’s still dream content based on things known and experienced by the dreamer. 

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