Saturday, 17 November 2012

Dream 94

Dream date: 14th November 2012 (daytime nap - 20 minutes)

I was sitting at a desk in a dark little office. The furniture in the office was old-fashioned and made of dark wood. There were lots of papers and tools on the desk - it seemed like the desk of an inventor or scientist. I was playing around with a Zippo lighter, which would not light. Suddenly some kind of fluid poured out all over my hands and the desk. I rubbed my face and hair with the fluid. It was excruciating - a stinging, burning pain. I got up and walked towards the door of the room. A middle-aged man was standing in the doorway, illuminated by a bright light behind him. I said: "Is it petrol?" and he said: "Yes". I woke up.

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