Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Dream 99

I was staring at the floor - it was a dusty, wooden floor. There was a mouse hole in the skirting board of the walls and a brown mouse came out and sniffed the air. I watched in silence. I was then standing in the same dark, dusty room, looking into a mirror mounted on the wall at head-height - I appeared as I do in real-life - or at least, I could see no obvious differences in my appearance. There was a small colourless/white blemish by my nose (which is there in real-life - it may be a milk spot - it is gradually disappearing). I squeezed it. The blemish exploded and yellow pus splurted out everywhere. I kept squeezing until my face was bleeding and there was a huge hole by my nose/cheek area. I didn't feel concerned, more relieved that the blemish was gone. I woke up.

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