Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Dream 93

I did the WBTB (Wake Back to Bed) Technique, which resulted in a long, very vivid dream that was very clear in my mind when I awoke properly. I think this dream must have lasted 30 minutes, as it took place during the 30 minute snooze function on my mobile phone alarm.

I was in my nan's living-room in Sheringham, looking out at an overcast daytime sky. The curtains were pulled back as far as they would go, and the bushes/rockery plants had been trimmed back to almost nothing. The living-room felt really exposed - as if we could clearly be seen from the street - which would be the case in real-life. I was telling my nan to watch a reality TV show in which my friend FC was appearing. As we watched the show, it was no longer us in a room viewing a screen - but as if we were there, near the action, although I could hear our voices, disconnected, as I commented and explained things to my nan. I did not see myself or my nan when the TV show 'action' took place and our presence was not acknowledged in any way - so I think we were still watching the screen, the dream just showed me what was on it in close-up. FC was standing in a doorway wearing an orange prison jumpsuit (he has been in prison). I explained to my nan what he had been in prison for. Then I saw a man, older now - with greying black hair and a prominent nose, tied to a chair in a hostage-style, in the middle of an empty warehouse. He was wearing the same orange prison jumpsuit. He opened his mouth and he had terrible, rotten teeth. My nan asked if this was FC - I said: "No, FC is the young man" - but I could no longer see him. My vision panned round, and I then saw FC again, this time dressed in T-shirt and jeans. He looked unhappy. My attention was then drawn from the screen to the window in my nan's living-room. My nan got up to look too. Two men in green wool hats and scruffy black clothing were sneaking around on the path in front of the window. They were crouched low, walking in a stealthy fashion. One of them dropped something in the garden. I looked to see what it was and noticed it was a screwed up ball of tissue with neon green slime in it. 

I saw the back of my head. My hair appeared to be falling out - I had lots of bald patches, which felt smooth to touch. I panicked. I was in the living-room of my former home in Sheringham and my mum and nan were there. Neither appeared to care about my concerns regarding the hair loss and I ran into the living-room where I found a bottle of whisky and some pills - I am not sure what they were. I screamed that I was about to take an overdose and shoved as many pills in my mouth as I could. I then remembered an anecdote from Natasha Lytess, one-time acting coach to Marilyn Monroe, who said she came across Marilyn in bed with her 'cheeks puffed out like an adder' as she had crammed it full of pills and waited for them to dissolve in her mouth (some say this was a 'cry for help' rather than a genuine suicide attempt). Standing by the electric fire, I wondered if I should try and let the pills dissolve and noticed that my own cheeks were puffed out. I then decided to drink the whisky to help me swallow the pills. My mum and nan were screaming at me to spit them out and my mum called an ambulance from her mobile phone, standing at the window. The curtains were drawn and the lights were on really bright. The decor appeared to be as it was when we first moved in - we subsequently decorated many times before moving out.

I was then in some kind of computer room - there was bright strip lighting and the computers were touch screen and mounted on the walls. The screens were double the size of normal PC screens. One of the screens was logged into my Facebook. I noticed a long chain of comments, but did not scroll up to the top to see what the original status which prompted them actually said. I noticed that PS and a female friend, RD had both commented. The full email addresses of all users who commented were displayed below their names. I noticed PS and RD both had emails which ended with '@india_now'. I felt agitated and wondered what this meant. I turned to exit the building and saw CC, a school friend of mine. She said that she was being persecuted by a group of young Arab men. She was carrying a smart brown leather bag. I saw the Arab men - they were dressed like traditional Sheiks and had long gold chains and beards. There was some arguing amongst us and them - we were pushing each other to get out of the door - but the situation did not seem that hostile to me. CC seemed really worried though. We stepped out into bright sunlight and started walking as a group. We were on a path, surrounded by a gleaming blue lake to the left and bright green meadows to the left. One of the younger Sheiks, dressed in burgundy, turned to face me. He was the only one without a beard. He opened his mouth and he had huge square white teeth, inscribed with braille. I thought this was odd. He said: "Master is coming to kill CC". I looked up. There was another Arab male approaching - this time older and dressed in white. His black beard was greying. He was walking towards us, down a grassy hill onto the path. CC got frightened. She wrestled two of the group of Arab men into the lake, with a huge splash each time. The 'Master' ran down faster now - but I still did not feel threatened or scared. I said to CC: "Be careful!" but the 'Master' simply pushed her into the lake too. I woke up.

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