Thursday, 22 November 2012

Stream of Consciousness - Update

I have updated my 'Stream of Consciousness' page with some new Thematic Apperception Test results. Basically, I have found a selection of TAT images (ones which seem to be the most commonly used, judging by my research on this subject) and I post them on my page and record my automatic, stream of consciousness response to each. I will stare at the image and then write my 'story' for about 10 minutes, without thinking about what I am writing or editing it in any way - I just let it pour out onto the screen (or paper) and take whatever organic form emerges naturally. The content of the written response 'story' apparently determines your character and psychological profile. I am unable to grade my own responses as of yet, but hopefully will find a way of analysing my output.

Please click on the page tab at the top of the screen or the links in this page to visit my TAT results.

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