Monday, 19 November 2012

Dream 97

SC (my ex-boyfriend, some years ago) was seated at a bench, dressed in a white 'wife-beater' vest, baggy blue jeans and Nike trainers - white and blue. He was sketching something on large pieces of white paper in pencil. We spoke, but I cannot recall what was said, or any other circumstances of the scene.

I was then in a bedroom, which did not resemble any real-life ones, with PS. He was logged onto his Facebook. I noticed a comment from a blonde girl - I could not see her profile picture clearly, or read what she had written. Her name is not recalled to me now - or in the dream. In the dream, I knew who she was, but had forgotten her name, and from the angle I was standing, I could not read it on the screen. I could, however, see that it was a name made up of four separate parts, all linked with a hyphen. I think the name 'Anna' may have appeared somewhere in the name, which was very long. I asked PS if he knew the girl and he said: "Not really". However, I was not satisfied with this answer and kept pressing him. He was sitting down, and I was standing behind him. He finally admitted that he did know her, but not well. I asked him if he had ever sent her private messages and he said no. Again, I kept pressing the issue, until he admitted that he had. I asked him to show me the messages, but he refused. I pushed him aside and tried to log onto Facebook and then go to the girl's profile to have a look. However, the page had been closed and I could not remember her name. I asked PS to tell me, and eventually, after some persuading, he typed her name into the search bar of my Facebook page. I looked at the wall and saw that PS was constantly posting messages to her. I looked at her photographs - they were all of her either in a bikini or naked, but the images were cropped at weird angles or were blurred, extreme close-ups. The blonde girl wasn't very pretty, with a long, pink-toned face, hard features and fine, flat shoulder-length hair, but she was posing in a very sexual way. Some photos were of her genitals or butt, wearing navy underwear which was unflattering and very plain/boring. I asked PS to log back into his own Facebook and show me the messages sent between them. He did - on his iPhone - and they were very sexual/loving, with lots of 'x's at the end - unlike anything that had passed between us. I felt really angry and jealous. PS then told me that he spoke to her on the phone and had met her in person. He really liked her. There was an argument. I woke up.

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