Saturday, 17 November 2012

Dream 95

The dream started off quite confused - I wasn't sure how it began. I saw a friend, CDF, wearing a pink costume/uniform of some kind. She was sitting at a dining table on a long bench, with other people. I was standing behind her and she had her back to me. I started a fight with her - I am not sure what it was over. I was then standing in another room - there were some TVs in the room, but I cannot remember the other furniture/details of my surroundings. There were other people standing in the room next to me. Another male walked in and stood close to me, staring right into my face. He looked like serial killer and cult leader Charles Manson. He was laughing, but said nothing. He seemed crazy and I was worried. He brought out a razor blade and started waving it in my face. I knew he wanted to cut me. I move backwards, then turned around, looking at the other people standing around me, but they all seemed calm and no-one wanted to help. I faced Manson again - he was still holding the razor blade, aiming for my face.

I was then looking at my naked body in a full-length mirror - I was sitting on the floor. I saw that my nipples were down by my belly button and I was worried that my boobs were really saggy. I stood up and was pleased to see they were back to normal and fairly pert again. I thought it must have been a trick of the mirror. I realised I had to pick up laundry from a laundrette and had a meeting with Social Services in a different town. 

I woke up in bed - although I did not 'wake up' in a lucid sense - I was not aware I was in the dream still. I felt something around my neck - it was a black leather dog collar - I knew this even though I did not take it off and see it. I wondered if I had put on the dog's collar before going to sleep or whether it had been put on me by someone else. The door to the room opened. I noticed the room was very different to my real-life bedroom. I was laying in a double bed with a door adjacent, and a desk against a wall, also adjacent. The room was long and narrow and the light was on. PS entered the room. He climbed onto the bed and hugged me. I thought this was strange as he rarely ever hugs me. I noticed he was topless and looked very different - his whole face shape had changed - now it was broad and square-shaped with a wide jawline and broader features. His hair was dyed bleach blonde. He was now short (my height) and had a very orange fake tan. He hugged me again. Behind him, standing in the open doorway, was a petite girl - I recognised her as L - but she too looked very different - with a rounder face, shorter, blonder hair with a fringe and heavy pastel-coloured makeup. I felt intruded upon and angry. PS said: "I'm all Jersey Shore now". He turned away from me, standing by the desk. I said: "No, you need to go to the gym more". I poked his biceps. He sat at the desk. L was now two blonde women - the only difference between them being the fact that the new, second blonde had shoulder-length hair and no makeup, resembling the real-life L more. There were discussions about eating shellfish. I got out of the bed, by crawling down to the bottom, as there was no space between the desk and the bed. Both blonde girls were sitting on the edge of the desk. I noticed that I still had the dog collar around my neck. I approached the original, shorter-haired L. She said that she had a creative writing assignment for a class she was taking. The assignment was to write a short story about a magic carpet. PS told her she should ask me for help. I told her that I had recently entered a poetry competition where the theme was to write a poem about Aladdin's magic lamp and the genie (this is true in real-life). I could not recall the word 'genie' for some time and kept stumbling over this words, but eventually remembered it. I said to L: "The best thing to do is to go back to the original story and then rewrite it." As I climbed back into the bed, I kept repeating: "It's best to always go back to the original". L wanted to smoke cannabis. I fell asleep in the dream - this was now a dream within a dream, although I was not lucid in any way. In the dream within a dream I was looking at photographs with EB - they were family photographs from a holiday - some showed him and his brother doing various activities on a beach. He showed me a photograph of a female - pregnant. He told me she (the girl) was unsure whether the father of the baby was he or his older brother. I was getting bored of looking at the photographs. We were sitting in his car and the sky was very grey.
American cult leader, murderer and musician, Charles Manson (b. 1934)

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