Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Dream 98

This dream was very complex, with various interlinked scenes. I woke up twice during the course of the dream, then fell back asleep. It was one dream as opposed to three - as there was a continuance of fictional dream characters and action. I will mark the parts where I awoke throughout the course of the dream report.

The dream started in Sheringham. I was at my nan's house with her and my mum. Others may also have been present. I sat there talking for awhile and the feeling was calm and pleasant. It was summer, the sky was very light and blue outside the window. I said: "I'd better get the baby back to her dad". The baby, which I was holding in my arms, was newborn and wearing a nappy only, wrapped in a white woollen blanket. Her name was 'Richita'. I walked down the street with the baby in my arms, until I came to the Two Lifeboats Hotel. I went through to the doorway of the pub kitchen, and stood there, looking in, still holding the baby. There were two men, dressed in chef's uniforms, sweeping/mopping the floor. I said: "Where's Ashley?' A small, white male in his 20s emerged from a kneeling position from behind the microwaves/stove, where he had been on the floor, cleaning - it was the end of a shift. He was wearing a white T-shirt and navy baker boy-style hat, with curly blonde hair. He was really friendly and he thanked me for looking after the baby and took her from me. He reminded me of 'Ashley Peacock' the fictional character (a young butcher) played by Steven Arnold in Coronation Street (from 1995 - 2010 - although I do not usually watch this soap opera and my dream 'Ashley' did not have the distinctive squeaky voice of the fictional TV character). I went for a walk. I ended up on a residential street which I do not recognise - it was a long row of identical terraces, all red brick, with tiny little front gardens, fenced off from the pavement. I was standing on the right-side of the pavement, looking up the road, which was on a slight hill. A girl approached me - and although she did not look like her, I realised this was my best friend from high school, SVF. She was dressed in navy and white and her dark brown hair was tied back from her face. We chatted for a moment, standing there on the pavement. I looked into her eyes, closely, and noticed that they were really unusual - the iris was a deep brown colour, with a flash of yellow through it, and below the pupil, at the bottom of the iris, were three coloured dots - yellow, bright blue and red. I thought: 'If I had a MAC face chart I could draw those eyes' (a 'MAC face chart' refers to the sketched template used by MAC makeup artists to create and express new makeup looks or to act as a guide at fashion shows). SVF walked away. I then looked up at the doorway of one of the houses. A male was standing there - dressed in a big black and yellow waterproof jacket with a hood. He had black hair and was in his 20s. I thought: 'That must be SVF's brother, SF' (although he is older than us in reality and therefore appeared far to young in the dream, looking nothing like him). I also thought: 'They've got the same initials, how am I going to distinguish between them?' (I think I must have been thinking about recording the dream upon awaking - I have had a few occurrences of these thoughts whilst in dreams - but unfortunately, they do not seem to trigger lucidity. The problem with initials was easily solved - upon awaking and recording the dream - but using SVF's middle name initial). I was then in a hospital, with my mum. We were looking into a hospital room where a very young girl and boy were (approximately 14 - 16 years of age). The girl was in the hospital bed, with the covers pulled up to her chin and the boy was sitting on the edge of the bed. We were not quite sure why they were in the room, but kept watching. Listening to their conversation, we were able to learn that the girl was about to give birth. 

I woke up.

My mum, myself and others were now in the basement of the hospital. It was very dark and everything looked grey, metallic and industrial. There were pipes and beams and boilers and the basement was huge. In the middle of the concrete floor, a large mirror was set up. My mum and I were trying to encourage the other to look in the mirror. I said: "I'm happy Richita can't see this..." and my mum agreed. I looked in the mirror and saw a glowing shape - it looked like an upside down crucifix, but more gothic in shape/style - superimposed on my forehead in the reflection. We all (me, my mum and the others assembled in the basement) had a laugh about it, and when I touched my forehead it felt normal. We went back upstairs to the main bit of the hospital, where we came across a group of young teenagers, wearing a mix of casual sportswear and gothic makeup. They were loitering in the corridor, looking menacing. We walked with them, in silence to the room where the young soon-to-be-parents were. The girl had now given birth to twins. The boy said: "We thought there was only one!" The room was crowded with their teenaged friends, all celebrating. 

I woke up.

Homer Simpson was in the basement of the hospital. However, he was not animated, but a real person. He looked in the mirror, as I had done. A glowing mark appeared on his head - it was the shape of a pick axe. He touched it and the pick axe shape detached from his head and floated up towards the ceiling of the basement, where it became a real, solid axe with an orange wooden handle. Looking around, many axes and hammers and other tools were hanging from the ceiling. They started to fall down, where they then became animated, banging on the concrete floor as if they were being used by invisible workmen. Homer started to walk down one of the passageways in the basement, but came across an army of skeletons, marching towards the main part of the basement (where the mirror was set up), picking up tools (weapons?) on the way.

I woke up.

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