Monday, 13 October 2014

Dream 280

Dream date: 12 October 2014
I was in a living-room which looked like the former house of my ex-boyfriend MT. The room was brightly lit and there were people sitting on the chairs and sofas. I did not recognise them and could not see their faces clearly. I was aware that someone had spiked me with the drug ketamine. All the lights in the room were swirly and I was hallucinating. I could see big purple spirals or crosses superimposed over the eyes of the people seated around the room, who were also under the influence of ketamine. They were all pulling strange facial expressions. I felt out of control and scared of the experience and tried to fight it. I thought: 'This isn't what I imagined a dissociative drug to feel like, it's more like an acid trip!' I woke up.

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