Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Dream 282

'A New Home in Sheringham'
Dream date: 14 October 2014
I was in Sheringham and I was aware that I had a new home, which made me very excited. I saw the new house, which had large sloping red walls and looked quite Bohemian in style, although I cannot recall much about this place. EB - or a composite dream character of EB and another male known to me in real-life, but unidentified in the dream - was also living in this new home. I had some kind of interaction with him, but I cannot recall exactly what. 

I was then on the road in Sheringham on which my nan lives. I was aware that a fish and chip shop (Dave's) - which was located in the town centre, had now opened at the top of the road, near an area of town called 'Sunway Park'. There are actually two 'Dave's' in Sheringham, both of which sell fish and chips, amongst other things and are run by the same family - the original one which is down a side street and also 'Dave's Cafe' which was also known as 'Dave's 2' which was located in the centre of town, by the Town Clock and the main shops. It is actually Dave's 2/Dave's Cafe which appeared in my thoughts during the dream. This is the cafe where my family usually meet for morning coffee, although I think it has recently been sold on and renovated. I accepted this state of affairs - Dave's 2 being at the top of my nan's road and open late at night - as being normal. I was walking up to this shop and it was dark, with few street lights. I went into the shop and there were other (unfamiliar) people (customers) inside. I knelt down at the side of the counter(beside the window) and placed a sheet of A4 lined paper on the floor. Inside the paper (which had been folded in my pocket) was some cannabis wrapped in some clingfilm. I was aware that I had to take the cannabis to my nan who wanted it for herself. 

I was then back in my new home and EB was lounging on an orange sofa.

Behind my new house was a pub, which was run by my mum. It appeared to be a dream version of 'The Two Lifeboats' pub which my mum had been manager of during a large period of my real-life childhood. There was a clear glass bar in the corner of a room and I was supposed to be working. Some of the staff who had previously worked with my mum were present, as well as some (unfamiliar) customers. I noticed that there was a short, blonde (unfamiliar) woman behind the bar, but she was a customer and therefore not supposed to be there. I went round to behind the bar and saw that this woman was using one/two of the beer taps to pour bright red and yellow liquids into big clear glass cocktail pitchers. I told her she was not supposed to be doing this, as I was meant to be serving her. I wrested the cocktail pitchers away from her and sent her back to the area of the bar where customers were allowed to be. I started serving customers, pouring their drinks and using the till. My mum came through and told me that I was doing a bad job. She walked with me through the restaurant area and I saw one of her ex-employees who is a daughter of a friend of her's - who also worked in the pub. The daughter, KC, was working as a waitress. She walked past us, carrying plates of food. She seemed to be 7 foot tall in height, which I noticed as being odd.

I went back to my new home. There was some interaction with EB and other persons who were inside the house - I think these persons were people known to me in real-life and male. I cannot recall exactly who they were or what kind of interaction we had, but it was friendly and I felt happy

*Since this dream took place on my birthday and left me with a very positive feeling, I decided to do a stream of consciousness exercise. I concentrated on the imagery and emotions of the dream and used an automatic writing technique to write down all the thoughts that entered my mind, without editing them in any way. The following image is a photograph of the automatic writing/stream of consciousness exercise which I undertook:

*Later (same day), I made the following free associations while I was thinking about this dream:
Birthday - birth - life - ageing - death - terminated - ended - hell - red - warm - walls - womb - child - children - childish - immature - stupid - wrong - illegal - legalise - cannabis - marijuana - Mary Jane - Mary Jane's Fish & Chip Shop, Cromer - chips - chips and mayonnaise - Amsterdam - Holland - Dutch - Dutch lager - Oranjeboom - orange - Orangina - EB - fire - open fire - open bar - free alcohol - happy hour - time - time to change.

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