Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Dream 283

'Sunshine Holiday & Beyonce Meeting'
Dream date: 18 October 2014
This dream was long and confusing because the scenes kept switching quickly and new dream characters were being introduced to me without me really knowing who they were in relation to myself or where I was when meeting them. I had a 16 hour sleep on this occasion, which explains why the dream(s) were so long. These may have been separate dreams, but they all blended into one in my recollection afterwards.

The first scene of the dream occurred in an airport, I think. I was with other dream characters, but although I seemed to know them in the dream, I cannot recall who they were or how I knew them. We were all about to go on a holiday - but I realised that I had a very small amount of money. One female dream character told me that my limited funds wouldn't matter as we would be provided with lots of luxuries on the holiday and wouldn't need to spend much on ourselves. I felt slightly better about the situation. As we started to walk across the airport towards the departure lounge/place where you board the plane from, I saw myself and one of the female dream characters in third person. We both had huge afro hairstyles, but whereas the other female's afro hair was shining dark curls, mine was a washed out brown colour and very frizzy. I felt envious of her perfect hair.

I was then in some kind of supermarket with another female dream character. She looked odd - almost like a cartoon character - very short and square, like a box, with an oversized head. She didn't appear to be human, but in the dream I did not question her appearance (which in hindsight was quite similar to the old version of 'Strawberry Shortcake' - click on link for Wikipedia entry). I was looking at a section of shelving (in the refrigerated foods area) in this supermarket. There were some fruits on the shelves, apples and tangerines, but every time I looked again, the food items and fruits would change into something else and appeared to be in constant flux. I then turned around to look at the female dream character kept changing in appearance, although I think it was mainly her clothing which was changing. She seemed surprised and upset about this - shocked that she could not remain in one guise. I noticed that the lights were very dim, almost to the point of not being able to see clearly.

The scene changed and I was then in a canteen. My mum and some other (unseen) persons were seated at a table near the counter. Behind the counter were some very young male children who were cooking something red in frying pans - it looked like tinned tomatoes in sauce, but my mum gestured for me to sit down with her and then told me that the boys were excellent chefs, taking part in a cooking competition. 

The scene changed again and I was on a very sunny beach with DL. There were blonde girls in white bikinis all over the place - sunbathing and swimming in the sea. We stood in front of one (unknown in the dream and real-life) who was lounging on the sand. DL said to me: 'Kim Cattrall is really ugly, but when she puts her finger in her mouth she looks much more attractive - like Frankie Boyle' (Cattrall is best known for her role as Samantha Jones in Sex and the City, Boyle is a controversial Scottish comedian). I saw the blonde girl on the sand up close - her skin looked like white glitter. 

The scene changed again and I saw someone - I think it was CD - standing in an open doorway. Something happened to his face - involving a cabbage - although I only have the vaguest recollection of this part of the dream.

I was then with my old school friend, SF, who was organising some kind of event or party. She was handing me invitations and telling me what needed to be done. I thought that she was being fastidious, fussy and anally retentive about her plans (she was acting like a perfectionist and as if nothing was quite right or good enough) - qualities that I do not associate with her in real-life. We were both our adult selves and the sun was shining. I think we were outside. My overriding memory was of the colour yellow being everywhere and bathing us in its glow. 

I was then at a night-time open-air concert or festival. I was amongst the crowds of people who were watching the act on the main stage - it was some kind of orchestra with violins. I could see Beyonce in the crowd, also watching the performance. She was wearing a strange, over-sized peach two-piece trouser suit which made her look odd - frumpy and overweight. DL then turned around to me and said that we had to watch the next performer who was [he said a male name which I did not recall] a big name in the 1990s. I asked him what this person was famous for and he told me that he had managed hip hop acts such as Ghostface Killah, Method Man and Nas, but didn't make music of his own. I wondered what his performance would entail. I said: 'Beyonce hasn't been photoshopped!' and DL and I went closer to her to see what she really looked like.

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