Sunday, 26 October 2014

Dream 285

'Lord Sugar's House'
Dream date: 24 October 2014
My mum and I were visiting Lord Sugar (Alan Sugar - click on link for Wikipedia entry) at his family home. I was in the kitchen by myself, sitting on the floor. I had a small glass which was filled with spices or other food items, stacked so that they created the impression of layers through the sides of the glass. I was sitting on the white linoleum floor by a small fridge which was fitted in between kitchen units. The kitchen was just a small strip which ran along one wall of the room - behind me was a large dining table, pushed up against the adjacent wall, which was stacked with many objects, and the rest of the room was a lounge area, with white sofas and a plush, thick pile white carpet. 

Whilst still sitting on the floor, I opened the fridge door, but it knocked the glass of spices over, which made a mess on the floor. I had a cloth in my hand, and I tried to clean up the mess, but I made it worse. I turned around and noticed that liquid was also seeping from the glass, and this was soaking into the white carpet behind me. I wet the cleaning cloth and tried to remove the stain (which was grey-brown) from the edges of the carpet, feeling panicked. The stain seemed to get a little better, but you could still see that something had been spilled. My mum came in the room. I showed her the stain and she said: 'it's fine' and then got me to walk over to the table to collect some of my belongings from it. There were a stack of red and blue A4-sized exercise books, the covers of which were covered in writing and scribbles. These belonged to me, and we picked them up from amongst the other items on the table. I also retrieved a paperback book on Frank Sinatra.

We went outside onto a sunny terrace, where Lord Sugar, his wife and a tall blonde drag queen were sitting, sipping cocktails. We joined them and started conversing with Lord Sugar's wife, while the drag queen stood there, making random (unrecalled) comments. Lord Sugar said: 'don't worry about her!' and took the Frank Sinatra book from me, ripping off part of the cover, before handing it back.

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