Monday, 27 October 2014

Dream 287

'Dream Town'
Dream date: 26 October 2014
I was with an (unrecalled, unseen) female dream character. We were arguing over who owned two small books, which had hard, shiny white covers and were about the female body. I managed to obtain both books. This part of the dream was very vague and non-vivid. 

I then found myself dressed in a pink mohair crochet-knit jumper and blue jeans. I had put on weight and worried that I might be pregnant. I was walking along a canal in the sunshine, and then up some concrete steps (with a metal railing), towards a town. A male dream character (unknown) passed me on the steps and said something which I cannot recall. At the top of the steps, I found myself in my 'Dream Town' - this is a town which seems very familiar to me, but I cannot recall or recognise from real-life. Every time this town appears in a dream, I become aware that it is the same 'Dream Town' as in previous dream experiences and it makes me very excited. At this point in the dream, I became semi-lucid. I knew I was dreaming, but I was unable to control the dream properly, only my thoughts and minor actions. It was as if the blueprint (my locations, destinations, things I had to do) were already set as a 'dream blueprint', but I was conscious in my mind and able to look around me and discover the setting and dream characters. I passed by some grey/sand coloured buildings, which all looked very institutional and dull, although there were some trees and plants along the pavement and between the buildings. I walked on and came to a wide part of the road. On either side of me were Tudor-style thatched buildings, which were all set hickledy-pickledy, not in a straight line. It seemed to be like an urban village. I thought that everything looked very pretty and was able to take in my surroundings by consciously making myself turn around to look at what was going on. The streets were very busy with people, and it was still bright daylight.

I went into a pub, which was a traditional style pub, and very dark. The bar was to my left, running along the entire wall, and I sat on some red velvet seating at the back. PS was there with me. We could see that a few meters away there were a group of old men seated, drinking at a table, They had two large dogs with them - one golden colour and the other black, both with shaggy fur. The golden coloured dog mounted the black dog and they started having sex. PS and I moved a short distance away, into the corner of the pub. We had a conversation, which I cannot recall, but after a while I said I had to leave because I had a doctor's appointment. I was going to see the doctor to check if I really was pregnant, although I was hoping that it was a false alarm. I left the pub - it was now early evening, but still light outside. I walked a very short distance down the street to a GP clinic, which was sandy brown and made up of two stories - the top one being wider and more square than the narrower bottom part of the building and therefore over-hanging it. I entered the clinic, which was quite dark. I went to the counter to 'book in' - instead of being a normal reception desk, it appeared to be more like a bank counter, with a glass partition separating the patients from the employees. There was an older women next to me - before me in the queue, already speaking to a receptionist. It seemed like she was using the clinic as a post office, because she was putting stamps on envelopes and handing them to the receptionist by sliding them under the partition. I started getting impatient of waiting and stood close to her. A female dream character (my age approximately, white, brown hair - unknown to me in real-life, but a friend in the dream) was with me and I started complaining to her about how long the old woman was taking at the reception counter. I noticed a clear plastic wallet on the counter - which was credit-card sized and looked like a bus-pass holder. Inside it was a folded piece of paper and £3 in money - a pound coin and two pound coin. I thought about stealing the money, but realised that it belonged to the old woman, so put it back on the counter where I had found it. Without speaking to the receptionist I moved to the waiting area seats with my female friend and picked up a magazine. There were many other patients sitting and waiting to be called in to see the doctors/nurses. I wondered how the doctor might examine me to find out if I was pregnant. There was a buzzing noise and my friend said: 'it's for you'. I turned around and looked up and above the reception desk was an electronic noticeboard (with LED dot matrix display in red lights) which had the name of the patient and room number illuminated - like in real-life clinics. I could see my name was lit up, notifying me that the doctor was ready to see me. It said my full name in large lights, and 'Treatment Room 6' next to it. I thought (lucidly) 'I wonder if my name is spelled correctly' so I looked again, more closely, and saw that superimposed over my name was the word 'ESTA'. I then thought about the fact that in dreams words and numbers do not appear as they do in real-life and that this was a prime example of this happening to me (see my earlier article on 'Reading in Dreams' by clicking on the title link). I walked through the doorway which was on the right of the clinic and led from the reception/waiting room into the area where the doctors' individual rooms were located. This area was extremely dark. I turned to my right and saw a table with cleaning products on it. Next to this table was a door leading to a room, but the sign on the door read 'Storage Room 6'. I thought that I better walk a little bit further down so that I could find 'Treatment Room 6',  but as I turned left, I felt myself waking up, and could not fight it. My eyes opened suddenly and I was wide awake.

Later, I fell back asleep and had another dream. I had a bird's-eye view of a scene below me. I was positioned above the action, looking down on a green park. Along the road which ran adjacent to the park railings were three people - one dressed as a completely yellow ice cream cone, one dressed as an ambulance and the third dressed as a sign-post. I thought to myself that I would not like to be wearing the ice cream costume as this was the only one which had a head-piece/hat and it looked uncomfortable and cumbersome.

I was then in a dark room or location with no details. I had just brushed my teeth. The toothpaste company were launching a new interactive service. After you used the toothpaste, electronic data appeared in the air in front of your face - like what is seen by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator movies when he wants to process information about someone/something or what it looks like when using Google Glass. It was a form of 'augmented reality' experience which projected images into the space in front of your face. You had run through several survey type questions and touch on the corresponding images to describe your experience - choosing between two or more options. One of the options was whether you felt happy or sad - illustrated by the graphic of a smiling or crying face. I chose 'sad' although I wasn't actually sad, I was annoyed about something and therefore not 'happy'. The 'app' also asked what you did directly after using the toothpaste. The options were 'go to bed' or something represented by a pile of books. All the graphics were red. I felt annoyed again, because I was unsure of whether the pile of books represented 'teaching' or 'studying' and I had done neither, but felt like I should be studying instead of wasting time with this app. I selected that I had gone to bed. The data then collated and showed me a series of graphs and pie charts which had been compiled from the sum total of all my entries - which I had submitted to the app every time I had brushed my teeth. I heard the voice of my mum say: 'the toothpaste makes you a very angry person!'

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