Thursday, 23 October 2014

Dream 284

'Mobile Phone Problems'
This dream seems quite banal on the surface (when I recall it and write it as a series of events), but whilst I was dreaming it (vividly) and thinking about it as soon as I woke up, it gave me a very positive, happy feeling.

I was at my nan's house in Sheringham, and my cousin HM and others were there. I was cutting my butt-length hair off into a short bobbed style in the bathroom. I was feeling slightly anxious about cutting my hair, and had doubts that I would be happy with the outcome. When my hair was all cut off, I used two black rose hair ties I actually have (in real-life) to put my hair into messy bunches. I looked in the mirror - I appeared as I do in real-life - thick black hair, olive skin, brown eyes, normal features, just with the shorter hairstyle. I felt pleased with the result and felt that my image had been improved. I went downstairs.

The scene changed and I was then in an unfamiliar room with both a white smartphone (my real phone is a white Samsung), which had a flip-lid covering the screen, and my old (now out-of-use) silver pay-as-you-go mobile (Sony Ericsson). I realised that most of my contacts were still in the old silver phone and had not been transferred into my new smartphone (this is true in real-life). I wondered if this meant that I would never see the persons relating to the contacts in the silver phone again and wanted to make the phone work again so I could get in touch with these people. The room that I was in had a counter to the left side of the doorway, but other than that I could see much else. I then realised that I was in a refurbished version of the newsagents in Sheringham High Street, which is called either Barney's (as per the photo) or Darren's (I'm not sure what it is now called, I think it is the latter as that is how the locals refer to it). Suddenly a bus pulled up outside and a group of young male footballers got out and entered the shop. I realised that this was the university football team and that ED1 was present with them. I tried to avoid speaking to him, but he saw me and we had a short, polite conversation, which I cannot recall. I then found myself leaving the shop (after the footballers had purchased their items and returned to their bus) and entering a room which looked like a GP waiting-room or a room in a school - it seemed institutional, but decorated in a comfortable, relaxing way with long, low sofas and coffee tables. Various people were in the room. I was joined by a blonde-haired male (who I do not recognise from real-life, but I got the impression that he was a composite dream character) wearing a white T-shirt. In the dream we knew each other and I was aware that he liked me. I was also aware that I had his phone number in my white smartphone, but ED's number was in the silver one (in real-life ED's number is also in the white phone, but I haven't contacted or been contacted by him for nearly a year - I have only bumped into him on campus by chance). We sat together and had a conversation - the mood between us was friendly and there was sexual tension coming from him being in love with me but unsure how to act - he seemed nervous, shy and eager to please. 

I then got up and it seemed dark - the lights were brightly lit. I walked over to a table and retrieved my white phone from it - it was cracked on both the flip lid, the back casing and the screen. I was not sure how the phone became cracked and I was angry about this. I asked my mum if it could get fixed on insurance, but she didn't know. 

My mum then told me that she had been speaking to my stepbrother who had been advising her on what she should get me from Christmas. She said: 'He said you have no experience in bereavement, so I thought you might want to do a one-day workshop' - the indication was that I would be unprepared for the death of a loved one and needed to be taught about how to grieve. In real-life, my estranged father, maternal grandfather, beloved dog and several friends have died, but I did not 'grieve' in the usual sense of the word and often people say I am unemotional, but I do worry about the death of others - even those in current good health. My mum then held up a large white laminated board which had folded panels separating it into three areas - like a triptych. One one side was advertised the bereavement workshop, I cannot recall what was on the central panel, but on the opposite side was a picture of two babies, sitting down, wearing nappies (diapers) and facing one another - so one closest to the camera/viewer had his back towards the viewer, but his face turned in profile, while the other who was seated further away from the camera/viewer was facing the other baby and the viewer. Both babies were black and had beautiful afro hair and long eyelashes. I think the photograph was advertising a book. My mum asked me which of the other two gifts (the book advertised by the babies or the item advertised in the central panel) I wanted alongside the bereavement workshop. I could not decide and told her I would choose later.

The scene changed and I was the in my nan's house. My uncle GC was there as well as my grandfather (who was divorced from my nan long before he died). My nan was sitting on the sofa in the living-room with her former husband and they looked happy together. My nan told me that she would be going out somewhere with my grandfather and uncle and would be back later, but I would have to occupy myself alone. I looked under the TV and saw some cannabis lying on the floor. I picked it up, then went to the window, where there was more cannabis (quite small amounts - grams as opposed to ounces) and money on the windowsill. I assumed these had been left there for me and felt happy.

I then used my white phone to contact the blonde-haired male dream character and thought again about my silver phone. I went somewhere - the blonde male was supposed to be meeting me there. I saw waiters with large silver cloches and reflected in them, I noticed that my hair was still in the bunches with the black rose hair ties. I felt happy that my hairstyle had remained unchanged. 

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