Monday, 13 October 2014

Dream 281

'Dangerous Chemicals'
Dream date: 12 October 2014
I am not sure where this dream was set, although most of the scenes took place in a house and then a large public area which appeared to be either a train station or an airport. This was a really scary dream, bordering on a nightmare. Somehow I had become aware that a woman had been advocating the use of a product. The product looked like a cardboard box of incense/joss sticks, and when it was opened, inside was a long, thin, plastic (or similar) tube (like a neon glow stick) which contained some form of chemical or liquid. My friend LS (a trainee doctor in real-life) had been using this product, apparently rubbing it on his skin (in the tube, rather than taking the product out) to heal some wounds or ease pain. This was the intended use of the product. I saw LS rubbing the tube against an open wound on his upper arm. He did this everyday.

News broke (I am not sure how, I just became aware that it was now public knowledge) that the product caused an aggressive and 100% fatal form of cancer which attacked all of the organs of the body. The woman who had advocated the use of the product had died of brain and skin cancer. I then found out that LS had developed the cancer as a result of using the product. I saw LS in a hospital bed, and noticed that he did not look as ill as I expected, despite his diagnosis. LS then joined me in the large public space, which was either a train station or an airport. I was worried for him, as he was no longer receiving treatment for the cancer. I asked him if he was OK and he told me that he was still using the cancerous product instead of getting medical treatment and that he felt fine. He seemed to be in satisfactory health as he was able to walk around the train station/airport with me. This was a brightly lit area with many people gathered and some shops/retail areas. 

The scene changed and I was in a house, which was dimly lit and very cluttered. I was panicked because I remembered that someone had given me one of the cancerous tubes of chemicals and I had placed it somewhere. I was frantic to find it, given the risk to health. There was a closet in a bedroom, the bottom of which was stacked with old books. Another female was with me, but I could not see her, I was just aware of her presence behind me whilst I was rummaging around in the bottom of the closet. I found an old book which had the cardboard packaging of the tube still intact and placed in the centre of the pages. I didn't want to touch the tube, but had to do so to remove it from my closet. I felt very scared and apprehensive, but managed to take the box and put it in the rubbish. 

In the same room, I was then sat around a small coffee table on some sofas, joined by a group of unfamiliar people and one young woman with brown shoulder-length hair (unknown to me in real-life and the dream) in particular who was talking to the group. She said that the chemical in the tubes tasted like vodka and split one open, drinking the contents. I felt intensely afraid that the chemical was being released from the tube in my presence and even being drank by someone who was aware that it could cause cancers in all organs. I wanted to get away from the group of people, especially the woman drinking the chemical. 

I saw LS, again in a hospital bed, covered in lesions all over his skin. He had a thermometer in his mouth. 

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