Monday, 27 October 2014

Dream 286

'Weird Birthday'
Dream date: 25 October 2014
I was in a strange room which appeared to be bathed in a blue light. Everything seemed to be very 'film noir' - there was smoke lingering in the air and the moon shone in through the closed curtains at the window. I was seated beside the window, and across the room, on another sofa, was a male dream character (I cannot recall who this was or if it was someone known to me in real-life). This male was smoking a joint. I could see through the thin curtains that a huge tower block, with glowing lights at the windows, sprung up from nowhere - it just rose from the ground, up into the sky. I then saw the blue flashes to police cars approaching. I said to my male companion: 'they might be coming for the drugs' but he reassured me that this was not the case and continued to smoke the cannabis. I was also aware that dead supermodel, Gia Carangi was outside in the street, causing some kind of disturbance. I assumed the police might be there because of her.

I was then in a location which seemed to be both a leafy den in the woods and also the area of the bar in The Crown pub, Sheringham, where the dartboard and fruit machine is located. I was sitting on a bed. A male - who appeared to be a composite of CD and HL - entered the 'room' and I got up off the bed. This male had a stack of presents for me - I realised then that it was my birthday. I opened the presents, which were gift-wrapped boxes and found they contained two pairs of black shoes. The shoes were black lace-ups with small square heels. They were quite formal and were not the type of shoes I would normally wear. There were 'Sale' stickers on the inside lid of the shoe boxes, but I was somehow aware that even with a sale discount both pairs were very expensive. I told the male I had to go to meet my family, and he said that he would meet me later. I walked through to the main bar, where my mum was with my cousins CAJ, HM, SAF1 and SAF2 as well as my aunts, CJ and VF. My aunts were at the bar, ordering food - I think we were getting 'high tea'. There was another female present - a black lady with very long braids, piled on top of her head. She was a friend of one of my aunts in the dream (but unknown to me in real-life). I sat down at the table, which was pushed up close to the bar and we started celebrating my birthday. I then heard a voice say: 'there's stuff left over there!' and I looked into the distance, where I could see the woodland den (where my bed had been, which was previously only several meters away in the other bar area, but was now outside, far off into the distance). I saw a group of people heading for the den, where my gifts from CD were and also my purse and mobile phone. I thought I had better run over before this group of people could steal my belongings, so I told my family that I would return shortly, and started to run off into the woods. It was a long run and I felt like I was going in slow motion, or running through thick mud, as it was very difficult to move my legs. Some how I managed to run past the group of people who were headed for my den, and got to my possessions before they did. When they eventually arrived at the den, one of them (I am not sure who - they were all unknown to me in the dream and real-life) praised me for the speed at which I could run. I said: 'I know! I'm really unhealthy as well!'

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