Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Dream 289

'Secretary Job in Garden'
Dream date: 28 October 2014
I had someone managed to get my former job back as a legal secretary/paralegal in a law firm. In real-life I left this job as a result of one of a personal dispute with one of my bosses which had caused an onset of my bipolar disorder (due to the stress of the situation). I felt really happy to be back in this job which I had enjoyed immensely. One of my bosses (the one with whom I did not have a personal dispute) leant over the desk I was working at (which was in an office, but not the real-life one) and said: 'it's amazing that you got this job back!' I laughed at him and felt determined to do well this time around. I was typing a legal document, but could not type fast enough and the words were not appearing properly or fast enough on the computer screen, no matter how many keys I pressed. It seemed as if I was typing in ultra slow-motion, which was frustrating. I then discovered that the office was actually just a desk located in my nan's back garden, at the top, near the compost heap. There was one other (unfamiliar) secretary working opposite me. Suddenly a number of cats and dogs entered the garden and started running up to me. I saw that one of them was a cute black puppy, and I picked it up and started cuddling it, feeling really happy. 

I was then in a conversation with my mum and her close friend, MF. MF was telling my mum how she had sold her business to another person, but that person was going bankrupt, their business was closing and she regretted selling to them. I saw the outside of the building (in real-life, MF did own this (tea-room) business, which had actually been sold to another person, who opened a restaurant. However, in the dream, the business was an art gallery (in real-life, there is a small independent art gallery/framers next door). I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

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