Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Dream 290

'Weird Dating, X-Factor & Psychopaths'
Dream date: 30 October 2014
I was watching my mum and my aunt, KC, on a TV screen. KC handed my mum a red flower, which my mum dropped. 

I then saw my cousin, JC2, laying on a sofa in an unfamiliar room. The sofa was underneath a window and I could see that it was daylight. I asked JC2 what he was doing and he said that later he was going to meet SF for a date. SF is the same age as me and was my best friend at high school and college. I haven't seen her in a long time, having lost her phone number when my old mobile phone broke and I changed my own number (she isn't on social networking). I thought this was strange as there is a 16 year age gap between SF and my cousin. 

JC2 and I went into an off-licence to buy some alcohol. Before we went to pay, I asked JC2 how he was going to buy the alcohol as he is underage. He said he had fake ID. At the till JC2 got out his fake ID card. On the metallic strip, there was a gold chip-and-pin square. He said that this stopped the shopkeeper from knowing that it was a fake ID. I thought that we might not be able to buy the alcohol if the shopkeeper suspected that JC2 was underage, but the shopkeeper swiped the ID card through a chip and pin device and served us as normal. JC2 said that he was looking forward to the date with SF.

A man (dream character) 'Andrew Bysson' won a cookery competition. I could then see the TV show 'X-Factor' taking place in a very dark warehouse-type room. Simon Cowell was present, with other (unknown, dream character) judges, although there was no audience. The first person to stand in front of the judges and perform an acapella song was a girl named 'Poota'. She was slim with a blonde bobbed hairstyle. Before she started singing she said: 'Last time I was flawless, flawless, flawless. It was my poem'. She started to sing (an unrecognisable song), but after one or two lines, stopped because she forgot the words. The judges dismissed her. A second girl then came before the judges to sing. She had a mature woman join her and the judges - she was the singing coach. She had grey hair in a bun on top of her head and was dressed in flowing black robes. The female contestant had brown hair and bright red lipstick. She froze and couldn't remember any of the words to her song choice. She said to the singing coach and the judges: 'I should have made you breakfast earlier' but Simon Cowell told her that would be bribery and she was also dismissed. I then saw Poota in the back seat of a car, parked outside a building. She was leaning, looking out of the back window on the driver's side. Her younger brother - a small child - climbed into the back of the car and said to Poota: 'You've won because the other girl forgot all of her song' and Poota was surprised and happy. I was then looking into a bowl of cake mixture, which I was stirring with a wooden spoon. Bits of the wooden spoon were breaking off into the cake mixture and I was putting my hand inside to remove them. I then saw the X-Factor audition room again, and Simon Cowell was spreading some kind of mixture onto a large circular hot plate, but only in a ring-shape around the outside. It was cooking, forming a textured bread. It looked like a circular dosa plate, or those used in Iran for making flat bread/nan-e lavash (these hot plates are used by the nomadic Qashqai people in their tents. I am a 'Qashqai' - my Persian last name 'Ghashghaei-Pour' is a Westernised spelling of 'Qashqai').

I was then in my room in Norwich. CD and DL were with me. DL was in the bathroom. CD said that walking to my house had made his trousers get dirty, so he asked if I had any spare that he could borrow, the indication being that I had previously lent him trousers and that they would fit him (he is much taller than I am and would never fit in my trousers). I got him a pair of baby pink velour tracksuit bottoms and he went to change into them and get a banana from downstairs. DL came back into the room. I noticed that my window was separated into a number of panes of glass. In each of these panes of glass was stuck a sheet of A4 paper. On the side facing into the room were images of psychopaths. Each piece of paper had the image of a different psychopath, and on the back of the sheets was typed information about the psychopath. I saw one, which was a man who was a single father caring for a baby. He had cut the faces off his victims so that he could wear them like a mask. The masks were grey and decayed dead flesh, with only holes for his eyes. I removed the sheets of paper from the window, and they dropped onto the floor. I started to pick them up and put them in a pile and was aware that the same documents had once been stored in a prison - where all these psychopaths were incarcerated - but had been leaked into the hands of the prison population due to a break-in in the prison governor's office. DL and I decided to watch a documentary about these psychopaths, which was being projected onto the window. I asked DL were CD was, as he was seeming to take a long time. DL informed me that CD had rushed home. 

While we were sitting on my bed, watching the psychopath documentary on the window, we became aware that there were two moons in the sky and some strange flashing lights. We could see the sky projected onto the wall next to my bed, rather than through the actual window, which was now a TV screen. We decided to go outside to investigate. We could see the two moons and the flashing lights in the sky and I realised that instead of being in Norwich, we were now in my nan's back garden. I could see through to the neighbour's garden through the hedge. The neighbour's adult son was pushing a baby in a pram. I wondered if we should ask him about the moons/lights in the sky, but decided that he was too busy looking after the baby. 

* Note that some time after this dream, I discovered that my mum had bought a ceramic poppy (a red flower) for my uncle GC's birthday (KC is GC's wife). The poppy was a 'Remembrance Poppy' from the commemorative display at the Tower of London in 2014 (marking the centenary of World War I). 

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