Thursday, 5 February 2015

Dream 364

'The Murray Family Saga'
I attempted to do WILD to induce a lucid dream. I started to feel the sleep paralysis and see the hypnagogia (visual hallucinations of bright flashing lights), but then I became panicked from the vibrating/sinking feeling of my body and tried to shake off the paralysis by moving my arms. I then fell into a normal sleep/dream, without becoming lucid.

In the first dream scene I was at my nan's house in Sheringham. It was evening and the lights were on brightly. I was watching TV and also reading a magazine. I read in the magazine - at the same time that my mum also informed me - that Kim Kardashian was now starring in UK soap, Emmerdale, which is a show I find particularly boring as it is set in the countryside and involves a lot of typical soap opera scandals happening in a rural farming community. 

The next scene involved PS and JGH, although I cannot recall much about this part of the dream. I know that I was in very bright, yellow light throughout this particular scene. PS was laying on a sofa at one point, at one end of a long room. At another stage in this section of the dream I was in a fish and chip shop and three unknown male dream characters entered. They started talking about the ideal way to serve chips. I saw a close up of chips in a hot cabinet. There was some reference to books/poetry.

The next part of my dream was very vivid and detailed. There was a family - the Murrays. I am not sure if they lived in Australia or Britain. Their house was a huge bungalow with a stream running right outside the front door. There was a grassy lawn and some pretty trees/plants also outside the front of the house, which was located in a suburban neighbourhood, unfamiliar in real life. 

I was then confused, as I was watching The Anna Nicole Show on TV (the reality TV show following the life of the late glamour/Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith (1967 - 2007) but I was confused, because instead of starring Anna Nicole Smith (given it was her show), it had Courtney Love playing Anna Nicole. In the dream, I actually questioned why Love was playing Smith and wondered if I had confused the two famous blondes.

Here is a family tree to show the family relationships:

The father, Bill 'The Executioner' owned a car manufacturing or sales company. He was not seen in the dream. His brother, Richard, also not seen in the dream, was the Vice President of the company. Also not seen in the dream were Pam (the mother) and Uncle Richard's best friend, 'Seraphim' who was a hotel tycoon. 

The dream started with me experiencing the dream from the perspective of 'Lauren'. Lauren was an underage girl who was dating Oliver (known as 'Ollie' in the dream). Lauren's underage (slightly younger) friend, Heidi (my cousin's name in real life) was dating Ollie's younger brother, Daniel. Oliver and Daniel had two sisters, Tracey (who resembled a contestant named 'Tracy Collins' from Masterchef Australia, season 6 - aired in 2014, which I am currently watching). I was convinced that the 'Tracey' dream character, was in fact just a younger version of the real life Tracy. Rather than describe the looks of all of my dream characters, I will just post some pictures of celebrities whom they closely resembled or looked identical to.

All the siblings were in their early 20s, but none of them had jobs. Ollie wanted to be a hotel tycoon. Daniel wanted to be an artist. Tracey wanted to be a landscape gardener and Alice wanted to be a movie director/film-maker. Lauren (the 'me' in this part of the dream) and Heidi were with Daniel. It was strange, because the Lauren character was not dating Daniel (she was in a relationship with Ollie), yet I seemed to think of Heidi as being the girl dating the brother who was not featured in this dream scene dream scene (Ollie). The characters of Lauren and Heidi seemed to converge in a confusing way in my recollection of the dream, although whilst in the dream, I was clearly Lauren, who was not Daniel's girlfriend, just his friend and the other girl, Heidi was dating the brother who was not Ollie (thus, Daniel) although Daniel did not react towards Heidi as if she were his girlfriend. Heidi and I (Lauren) were outside. We left the family home and jumped over the small stream which cut across the lawn, horizontally. It was night-time and the sky was a dark, with a pastel pink, lilac and blue just over the rooftops. The moon was very bright and full and there were stars in the sky. Daniel was trying to create a work of art - a night-time skyscape - using pastels to create the beautiful glowing colours. We saw the completed art work and it was lovely. It then appeared to be daylight, and we were walking back towards the house - although the road we were on seemed to be Sunway Park in Sheringham. Daniel was in front, I was behind him - talking to him - and Heidi was trailing behind, carrying his picture. Suddenly Heidi started crying. I asked her what was wrong and she showed me that she had ripped Daniel's art work. Daniel needed this picture, either for an art competition or for art school, and he reacted angrily. I suggested that he tear the picture into small parts and then mount them like a collage on a bigger piece of black paper. He attempted to do this, but was not happy with the results.

The scene changed. Daniel and Ollie were in a hotel gift shop. Ollie was telling Daniel that he had convinced the hotel owner, Seraphim (a friend of the family) to stock some art works Daniel had made, so that they could be sold to hotel guests. The works of art were 3-dimension pop-up greetings cards (made of pink, lilac and blue flowers) and T-shirts which had 3-dimensional cars made out of flowers, which protruded from the stomach and back areas of the T-shirt when worn (as if the car and flowers were driving through the mid-section of the T-shirt's wearers). Daniel was really pleased about this. I knew Ollie wanted to take over the expensive hotel complex as it's owner. I thought the family were very ambitious.

The scene changed again, and I started to see it from the perspective of the youngest sister, Alice. Alice and Daniel were in a field in daylight. In the centre of the field was a stack of wooden boxed, which also resembled hay bales. Alice told Daniel that she climbed into the centre of the boxes (like a fort) to get inspiration for her film-making and suggested he also try it to see if it inspired his art. Both Daniel and I (Alice) climbed into the middle of the stack of boxes. I then saw Tracey mowing some grass.

The next scene was in a concrete courtyard (day). Daniel was showing a sculpture he had made. This involved a white sportscar which was mounted on a plinth. On top of the sportscar was a massive IPad, which had a streak of orange paint across it. The orange paint dripped down onto the white paint of the car, creating a pretty effect. All the siblings were standing around looking at the car sculpture and we were praising Daniel, as it was clear he had won a prize for his art. We were opening the bonnet. doors and boot and then shutting them, commenting that the car (which was apparently a copy of a car the family had owned when we were children) made accurate sound effects, identical to those of the actual car from our childhood. We decided to take the car for a drive. We all got in - Daniel was driving. We drove very fast down a long motorway, with the wind blowing in our hair (even though the car was not a convertible - it had a roof and  the IPad on top of it). I then saw the car speeding along the motorway from above, third person perspective. All the siblings were laughing with joy.

We ended up at a primary/elementary school which was huge and also resembled an airport. Tracey and I (Alice) were entered a gym where a physical education class was taking place. Tracey started talking to me about Ollie's ex-girlfriend, Mary, with whom he had two very young children, Ben and Sarah. Tracey remarked that it was sad that Ollie and Mary had separated, because this meant we had little contact with our nephew and niece, whom Tracey seemed to suggest we had never met. She said our parents (Bill 'The Executioner' and Pam) wanted to see their grandchildren. There was the suggestion that Ben attended this primary school, but Sarah was too young to attend school. As we walked across the gym, through the children, we realised that a child (a chubby boy with thick glasses) had covered the entire floor in either melted apricot ice cream, or apricot yoghurt. We had to be careful, because the floor was flooded with the apricot substance and was very slippery. I said that the boy was 'naughty' for doing this, but one of the teachers overheard me and said that the boy had done it to be nice to other people.

We exited the gym through another set of doors on the other side. There, we saw what looked to be an airport waiting room, but it was the school reception. The lights were very blue and there was a huge screen mounted on the wall, showing a baseball game which I was interested in. Tracey said she needed to make a phone call - I am not sure who she was phoning, but it was either our father or our uncle. Ollie and Daniel were now present, as was Ollie's ex-partner, Mary. Ollie and Mary were getting on really well, and I was hoping they might reconcile for the sake of the children. I was trying to listen to the conversation between Ollie, Mary and Daniel and also to Tracey's side of the phone conversation. Ollie was telling Mary and Daniel that he did not like the name 'Oliver'and wished he was called 'David' instead.

Tracey received bad news in the phone call. Apparently, it was illegal to buy car 'tyres and wires' if you were not a licensed car manufacturer (which Daniel was not, despite the family business being in the car industry). Our uncle Richard knew this, and had sold Daniel's car art to Seraphim, who was actually a villain. All the siblings were shocked by the actions of Richard and Seraphim, even though it seemed like Ollie was actually trying to take over Seraphim's business. 

* Strangely, DL (whose first name is 'David') told me that on this particular night he had a dream which involved a dream character who resembled another (male) contestant from the same series of Australian Masterchef. He had also experienced the ground being covered with rotten apricots and had chased after a speeding car on a road. This is a very strange coincidence, although I would not conclude that it is an example of dream sharing/dream telepathy.

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