Monday, 16 February 2015

Dream 367

'Milky Cannabis'
I was with a male who is known to me in real-life. It was a composite of PS and DL, I think - but seemed more like PS on reflection. We were trying to buy some cannabis. We knew one person who might have some for sale to us, but hesitated in contacting him/her for some reason.

We were with a female dream character. She was small and slim and in her 20s. Her hair was shoulder length and black and she wore neon pink makeup on her eyelids and lips, although this did not look strange or excessive, but was tastefully applied. She was dressed in a navy blue and white, form-fitting tracksuit and red/pink shoes. PS (as I will refer to the composite dream character) disliked this female, but I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt and befriend her, allowing her to accompany us for the day.

I took part in a freestyle rap battle, against a girl I knew from university, KZ. KZ, in fact, is an MC in real-life and used to take part in the same rap battle league as myself when she lived in Norwich. I gave an amazing performance, with a long, completely intelligent and relevant freestyle verse with multi-syllable rhyme schemes. I was very proud of myself. The rap battle happened during the day, in a room which closely resembled the lounge in my former house in Pine Grove, Sheringham. KZ was seated throughout, and I was standing. After my verse was complete, KZ said she did not want to spit a verse and bowed out of the contest, making me the default winner. I knew I would have won, even if she had spit a verse, because my own was so good, displaying an unusual level of talent. 

KZ then showed PS and I a large vat of cannabis. I think we were in the porch at my nan's house in Sheringham (which is a short distance from Pine Grove). KZ then poured a huge jug of milk into the cannabis, saying that she needed to 'cure it'. PS and I were horrified, thinking she had completely ruined the cannabis, and making it unfit for smoking. We declined to buy any. Throughout the remainder of the dream, we continued to debate whether to go to the original cannabis dealer or buy KZ's milky cannabis, but we bought neither. 

PS and I were then walking down Sheringham High Street, past the Robin Hood Public House. The pavement was crowded with shoppers. The female dream character with the pink makeup was trailing behind us, several feet away. separated from us by other pedestrians. I said to PS that we should stop and wait for her to catch up with us, but he was not keen at all. I insisted and we did this. I then realised that this dream character and KZ were the same person (I will therefore refer to her as 'KZ' from this point onwards). We went to a bus stop (not one I know from real-life). It was getting darker, as dusk fell. KZ went off somewhere (temporarily, with an intent to return to us before the bus arrived). PS told me that KZ was either a bad person, or an annoying person. He did not trust her for some reason. He told me that he had looked in her bag and at her phone (she was unaware of this) and had discovered information about her which led to him having negative attitudes or thoughts about her. I was trying to tell him that it was wrong for him to have invaded her privacy in this way. Our attention was then drawn to the darkening sky, where there were two huge (the size of oranges) astral bodies, radiating coloured light. We marvelled at the beauty of these astral bodies, wondering what they could be. PS thought they were planets, but I thought they were pulsar stars. 

KZ returned and we got on the bus, which pulled up at the same time. We drove past the health centre and playing fields (a park) in Sheringham, very slowly. KZ showed me a piece of paper which had a brief (handwritten) biography of a male. This male had been a star - a talented air guitarist, who had made an actual guitar out of rubbish and then become a hugely successful rock musician, simply by applying his air guitar skills to actual guitar playing. There was a photograph of the guitar made from rubbish (it looked like brown wood and was very square). I asked KZ to let me read one sentence of the biography which seemed to suggest that the male had made the guitar and transitioned to a rock star career at the age of 20, but she got annoyed and would not let me see the piece of paper or confirm the age of the male at the point he made the guitar. 

I was then sitting on the stairs in my nan's hallway, with her. We were watching a scene from a movie, starring KZ as the lead female role. The movie was not on a screen - it was as if it was taking place before us, in our space, although the environment in the movie scene was that of a shooting gallery/crack den, and whilst sitting on the stairs we were actually looking in the direction of the telephone shelf/coat pegs (which appeared as they would be in real-life). This means we were both seeing what was really there in the room and also the environment/action of the movie in the same spot, simultaneously. My nan asked me what the movie was about. I said that it was a remake of the movie, Trainspotting (1996) with a new non-famous cast. My nan asked me why the movie had been remade with unknown actors. I said that it was because the original version of the film glamorised heroin use, so the film-makers had decided to use normal unknown actors so they could create a sense of degradation and squalor. KZ had dyed her hair ginger for the role of 'Diane' (originally played by Kelly Macdonald) and Ewan McGregor's lead character, Mark Renton, was being played by a young black male actor (a dream character) who then became a skinny white male in the next scene. These were the only two characters we saw, and the scene we were watching was the one halfway through the movie, where Mark Renton unwittingly has sex with an underage Diane, after meeting her in a nightclub  during a period in which he is newly clean from heroin. We watched the entire sex scene, which took place in a burnt-out shooting gallery/crackhouse, rather than Diane's bedroom (which is how it takes place in the movie). My nan said she wanted to watch the entire movie when it was released for general viewing.

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