Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Dream 371

'Nigella & Nazzadine'
Dream date: 22 February 2015
Celebrity cook and author, Nigella Lawson was holding a 'Slut Party'. It involved her and female friends (not yet arrived) dressing in 'slutty clothes' and dancing in her lounge. This was in her home, which looked very much like the house she previously filmed her cookery series in - I believe it was her own family home in London. Nigella changed into a long, white summer dress decorated with a floral print - not seen in the dream. This dream was tasteful and not at all slutty - although it was quite low cut and showed Nigella's curves. She then returned to the lounge and sat on a sofa, waiting for her guests. I was not an active participant in this dream - I was simply viewing it from a third-party perspective. The front door opened and a tall, slim woman with long brown hair was standing in the doorway. She was wearing a red boob-tube and very short hotpants. She kicked her long, slender legs out and posed in a sexy way. Beside her was a grey-haired, middle-aged man, wearing a smart black business suit. The woman was called 'Nazzadine' and she was Nigella's best friend in the dream. The male dream character was her husband. Nazzadine screamed: 'I look good for 66 years old, don't I?' and came to join Nigella for the party.

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