Thursday, 26 February 2015

Dream 373

'Pixiwoo & Caribbean Cooking with Kat Slater'
I was in my nan's house and someone else - it may have been PS or DL - was with me. We were babysitting for the children of Sam and Nic Chapman - the 'Pixiwoo' sisters who are professional makeup artists and successful Youtubers. The children were not actually the real-life children of the sisters - they were all very young babies. I cannot recall much of this dream scene, other than the fact I was sat in the armchair near the kitchen door, with a baby boy on my lap, playing with a child's toy.

The dream scene changed and I was then in the bedroom of an amateur Youtuber, who was making videos. I was not an active participant of this dream scene, but rather a passive observer. The Youtuber - a young female - made a video about Samantha Chapman which referred to her eyes as being dark violet-blue in colour (they are in fact a pale blue-green). Comments in the comments section of the Youtube video began to berate the female Youtuber, telling her she was wrong and didn't know what she was talking about. Two males entered the bedroom - which decorated and furnished in a typical, nondescript way with nothing unusual. One of the males was the female Youtuber's boyfriend and the other male was his friend. The friend said: 'She makes more comments than videos' and the boyfriend agreed. They seemed to be criticising the girl. 

The dream scene changed again, and I was in the university student union bar, sitting on the seating to the left of the doorway as you enter what is known as the 'red bar' (because this is the colour it is decorated in). I was with 'Kat Slater' (Jessie Wallace) and 'Stacey Slater' (Lacey Turner), characters from Eastenders. We discussed the preparation and cooking of Caribbean food. I then went into an outside environment which appeared to be a brightly-lit alleyway between two unfamiliar buildings. I had a big cooking pot which was boiling (although I am not sure what the heat source was, because there was no stove - it appeared to be suspended in the air at around waist height. In the pot I was boiling potatoes in water - with chopped tomatoes floating in the water. Kat Slater came and joined me and instructed me on what spices to add to the dish - I am not aware of what I was cooking or where the spices came from - they just appeared in my hand. 

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