Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Dream 372

'Androgynous One-Shoed Muslims'
Dream date: 23 February 2015
I attempted to do a WILD technique (Wake-Induced Lucid Dreaming). I suddenly 'woke up' in bed and realised that it was likely to be a false awakening even though my bedroom looked exactly as it should in real-life and there were no hallucinations which often accompany my experience. I had sleep paralysis and had to fight to lift my arms out of the duvet. I eventually did and tried to push the fingers of the right hand through the palm of my left. I felt them start to slide through, but then saw that my hands looked like very long, thin wooden spoons, which confirmed that I was still asleep and in a dream state. I decided to get out of bed and walk around, transforming the experience into a full lucid dream. However, the sleep paralysis made moving very difficult and I could barely get out of the bed. It felt as if I was moving through thick mud or sinking sand. The struggle to move (I got halfway out of bed, towards the bottom of the bed, as if I had crawled down that end, although I hadn't) forced me awake for real.

After falling asleep again, I had a normal non-lucid dream. I was with PS and it was either dawn or dusk, because the light was dim, but with good visibility. We were walking around the lake which sits behind my university campus. There is a wooden walkway with the lake on one-side and forest on the other. Something forced us to stop and we looked behind us. There was a tall, androgynous person - I guessed it must be a Muslim woman, because 'she' was wearing a blue hijab. Her skin was very pale and she looked to be middle-aged because she had deep wrinkles on her face, although none of her features were at all feminine. She was wearing a long black outfit and only one shoe - a blue ballet pump-style shoe on the right foot. This Muslim woman was about the same height at PS - 6 foot 4 inches. Without speaking to us, we knew she was lost and wanting directions. PS went over to help, and I noticed that he was standing on the woman's foot - the bare shoeless one. I said: 'Stop standing on her foot!' but the Muslim woman did not seem concerned - or even to notice this, and PS did not move his foot from hers. PS then led us down a deep shaft/hole in the forest. It looked like a large cavernous rabbit warren and we had to climb up the dirt walls which were swarming with large rats. Although it felt dirty, none of us were scared by the dark hole or the rats. 

PS and I were then in a domestic environment - a lounge with sofas and a large welsh-dresser style cabinet with a glass front. It was JGH's birthday - I saw her come into the room and PS gave her a gift-wrapped box with a big pink bow on it. I saw this happen in the brightly-lit, yellow-walled corridor outside the lounge, although we did not appear to actually walk there - it was like a 'cut-scene'. I was then in the lounge again, sitting in an armchair next to the welsh-dresser. Opposite me, in another armchair was CJS, and between us (so, the chairs were positioned as if forming three sides of a square, with the dresser forming the fourth side) was PS on a long sofa. Inside the dresser was a sort of small box - which looked like the cardboard hot-drinks carriers given out by coffee shops when the customer has too many cups to carry - or the boxes given to people buying multiple bottles of wine. It was smaller and made of wood, however. Inside this box was a number of smaller metal tins - filled with luxury items (advertised on the outside labels) - such as truffles, caviar etc. CJS - or PS (I'm not sure which) - told me that CJS had been to Paris and brought back these items. PS got the box out of the dresser and we decided to open the tins. I woke up.

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