Thursday, 19 February 2015

Dream 369

'Disgusting Bathroom'
There was some kind of whole-weekend party being hosted by my family in my nan's house in Sheringham. I was upstairs and it was morning. A male dream character (a guest at the party, but not a family member) exited the bathroom just as I was about to enter. As I went into the bathroom to pee, I saw there was shit all over the toilet seat and toilet paper. I felt repulsed and also paranoid that because I was the last person to use the bathroom that the next person would assume it had been me and blame me for the 'dirty protest' (it looked purposeful, not like an accident). I wanted to clean up, but at the same time was unwilling to touch another person's shit. Two female cleaners (dressed in old-fashioned char-women uniforms) entered the bathroom and started cleaning the sink. They were chatting/gossiping to each other, so I left them to it, without conversing with them.

Downstairs, there was another (older) male dream character selling fake designer label clothing. He was demonstrating to an assortment of family members and guests how the labels/tags inside the clothing said 'Made in Italy' instead of 'Made in China', indicating that they looked genuine rather than replicas. 

I was then at a college, studying for an extra 4 A-levels, although one of them was Psychology (an A-level I have got a qualification in). One of the other courses I was enrolled on was History of Art (pointless, since I have an undergraduate degree in English Literature & History of Art in real-life, and I knew this in the dream). I walked across campus and passed EB, who I hoped would not spot me, as I did not want to stop and speak to him. He was wearing a thick white jumper and did not notice me because I swept my hair in front of my face (in face, if someone were to see me in a crowded area it would be my hair by which they would recognise me - because it is down to my butt and very thick, black and wiry in texture). 

I was then having a conversation with DL and some other persons about tuition fees for the courses I was enrolled on. We were outside the Student Union Bar of the campus (at my real-life university) at this point. I knew that EB had walked past me just a short distance away from this location (by the food outlets) and was heading to see his friend (whom I dislike intensely in real-life), NRB. 

I realised (in shock and horror) that I only had £10 of my credit card limit available to me (this is true in real-life) and the course fees cost £4,000. I also realised that my credit card limit was only £500 (again, as it is in real-life) and therefore there had been no possible way I could spend £4,000 on it. I had somehow mistakenly believed I could have afforded to pay the entire course fees on my credit card and was dismayed to realise that this was impossible. I was trying to find ways to get the full amount of the tuition fees available before they were due to be paid to my college, but it seemed impossible - there was not enough money in freelance writing or any other part-time job I was considering taking on to make the money. I then thought that perhaps, if the course tuition fees were due after the first year of the two year course, then perhaps I could learn enough to make it worth my while, and then leave college after one year without paying the fees. 

My best friend from high school, SF, was also taking the same courses as me and I was envious that she was able to pay for her tuition fees. We walked down some outside, concrete steps beside a canal and a market area. It was daylight and the sky was grey and dreary.

* I am sure there was more to this dream and I have forgotten some of the scenes/action which I recalled straight after waking up. If I remember anything else about this dream, I will note it below.

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