Monday, 16 February 2015

Dream 366

'Small Circular Mice'
Dream date: 13 February 2015
I was in a dimly lit environment, but I did not see the details of the room I was in, as I was crouched down on the carpet (navy blue). There was a number of tiny mice, which had circular bodies and resembled insects. I was trying to catch the mice (which were the size and shape of marbles, but with brown-grey fur and very small heads) under a pint glass. I was making sure I wasn't crushing the mice under the rim of the glass, but because they were so small and the carpet was thick pile, they were able to escape from under the edge, making this impossible. 

I was then aware that I was hosting or co-hosting a party. I was in a normal-looking room with sofas around the edge, against the walls. It was daytime. A group of boys who I went to high school with were in the room, which was much like a lounge or sitting-room. They were either co-hosts or guests for the party, which was happening later. I saw CST, a boy whom I went to school with, laying on a red sofa under the window. When I awoke from this dream, I could not remember CST's full name, only his first name and family's religious affiliation. I relied on my Facebook friends to identify him from an old school photograph, which is how I know his full name now. In the dream, I seemed to know who he was. I was not particularly good friends with CST at school - he was quite a quiet boy and I didn't dislike him, but had no real cause to think about him - either then, and especially not now. I have not seen him in over 18 years. He and I had a significant conversation in the dream, but I cannot recall what was said. I was shown a piece of paper which was dirty and torn. There was pink handwriting on the paper, which I was able to read - but again, I cannot recall what was written. Two words were in black ink and seemed to be in Russian or Ukrainian language. I noticed that I was also able to read these two words.

I went over to a crevice/alcove in the wall of this house. There was a bag of shoes. I lifted out one pair, which were chunky black platforms. I decided I liked these shoes and recognised them as my own, from a long time ago (I have never owned shoes like these in real-life). However, I was slightly annoyed to find that the sole was coming apart from the upper leather section of the shoes, making them unwearable. I looked through the bag and found an identical pair in red, these shoes being in a good condition. 

I then received a text from PS, telling me 'he knew where I was'. I felt panicked, because I had obviously (although not experienced in the dream itself), lied about my location. I asked my nan - via a telephone conversation - to text him from her phone and lie on my behalf, telling PS I was at her house in Sheringham. 

I went back to CST and we sat reminiscing about high school (our high school year photograph is pictured below).

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