Sunday, 22 February 2015

Dream 370

I was in my room at home, with my cousin HM. We were using the full length mirror inside my wardrobe door to see our reflections while applying face cream or foundation to our faces, which were more tanned than usual.

I was then part of a love triangle with a male and female dream character (completely unknown to me in real-life). At some points I thought the male dream character preferred me, and at others, that he preferred the female dream character. I cannot recall much of the action in this part of the dream, other than there were feelings of jealousy, tension and excitement. The male dream character was also having to go somewhere for work. While he was gone, the female dream character (who seemed to be in a more solid relationship with the male than I was) informed me that the male chose me and loved me more. 

There was then a scene (also rather hazy in the way in which I recalled it) in which one of my front teeth had fallen out. I was very panicked about this, and my mum was trying to calm me down and tell me that it wasn't a big deal. No-one could afford to lend me the money for dental care and I had to talk/smile etc in a way which did not reveal the missing tooth. 

There was then a long dream scene (parts of which I cannot remember) which involved me as a very young girl - I think I had blonde hair. I was being sexually exploited, being encouraged to star in pornographic movies, even though I was under-age. I am not sure how old I was in the dream, but I knew I was a teenager and supposed to be attending high school. I am pretty sure that other dream characters referred to my young age as well - in the background whilst I was 'performing'. 

In the dream, I wasn't feeling exploited - I felt like I was achieving fame and recognition (it is only my waking memory of the dream which tells me that there was exploitation, because I know that if an under-age girl was being asked to perform the actions which took place in this dream - whether in an intimate relationship, or on camera - it would be highly illegal and immoral). I won't describe the pornographic scenes in this Blog post, as I feel it is inappropriate. However, as this girl, I not only experienced the performance of the scenes, but also watching them back on a screen afterwards (like watching the daily rushes on a movie set). I met a middle-aged dream character with grey hair, wearing a long, black, witchy outfit. She gave me some cake (a large slice) and said she could take me away from the men who were exploiting me. I knew - I am not sure how - that she just planned to exploit me further herself, so I rejected her.

* I am aware that this dream was more complex and that I have forgotten some of the details which I recalled immediately upon waking. If I recall any further aspects of this dream, I will note them below.

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