Thursday, 19 February 2015

Dream 368

Dream date: 17 February 2015
I was in Dubrovnik - but in real-life I had no knowledge of where this was until I Googled it afterwards. I just knew the name of my location, although it looked a lot like a larger version of my home town, Sheringham in Norfolk. The main difference was that the roads were wider and the houses were set back on high grassy mounds. It was bright and sunny during all the daytime scenes of this dream. For those of you whose knowledge of geography is as limited as my own, Dubrovnik is a city in Croatia, located in the Dalmatia region.

I went into a toyshop - it looked a lot like the local shop in Sheringham which sells toys, stationary and crafts and also has a newsagents and post office inside. The shop was very dark. I made my way down an aisle to a set of shelves where a variety of different dog breeds (actual dogs) were laying - actually for sale on the shelves of the shop. The dogs were all either unwell or starving. The largest dog was a black German Shepherd/Alsation breed, and looked very mangy and sickly. I took the dog from the store and gave him to my step dad who fed him and nursed him back to health in the back garden of our former home in Pine Grove, Sheringam.

I was then in a very dark flat with a dream character (who was present, but I did not see them clearly) and Julia Sawalha. In real-life I had recently watched the Comic Relief version of popular baking competition The Great British Bake Off, the first episode of which featured Julia's co-stars (Jennifer SaundersJoanna Lumley and singer Lulu) from Absolutely Fabulous. Julia was on the phone to someone - I think it was the police - telling them that a baby had been abducted. Whilst talking on the phone (an old-fashioned ring-dial phone), she indicated to me (with facial expressions) that she was going to exaggerate the matter to force the police to take more immediate action. She then put a baby's dummy (pacifier) in her mouth and sucked it loudly, her mouth close to the speaker of the phone receiver. This was the attempt to get the police to take quick action to recover the abducted baby.

I was the  walking in bright sunshine from Woodland Rise towards Sunway Park in Sheringham. Lots of people were coming out of their houses (on the grassy mounds) and I was aware that it was actually a child whom had been abducted, not a  baby. Despite the tragic circumstances, the mood was quite happy and I was enjoying walking amongst these people in the sunshine. On the pavement, the Gallagher family from Shameless (original UK version) were present, looking for the abducted child, who was a (dream character version, not in the actual show) member of their family.



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