Thursday, 3 September 2015

Dream 479

'Lobsters in the River'
Dream date: 19 August 2015

Scene 1: A River (Location Unknown) - Day
I was with 2 dream characters, who I do not recall. We were wading through a river, which had grassy banks on either side. It was raining and the sky was grey. The water was waist deep and cold. In the sides of the riverbanks were hollow crevices in the dirt, and within these were huge lobsters - the size of average cats. We were excited to collect these lobsters, which we were pulling out of the holes and putting into net bags. The lobsters were bleeding, even though they were not injured in any way. The blood was diffusing into the river, but this did not disturb me, or put me off wanting to collect them.

Scene 2: A Commercial Kitchen - Time Unknown
I was in a commercial kitchen which was made of stainless steel. It was dark. The location seemed strangely familiar, although it is not one that I can recall from real-life, and the familiarity came from the feeling of  the room rather than the fittings and fixtures or the fact it was a commercial kitchen. 

My mum was preparing the lobsters to make a lobster bisque soup. However, I was shocked to see that she was trying to remove them from the shells while they were still alive. I told her that she should cook them first, by putting them in a large pan of boiling water which was bubbling on the stove next to us. My mum wasn't listening to me, and kept trying to put a large knife through the lobster which was making it scream in a high-pitched way. More blood was pouring from them as my mum cut into them - it looked like human blood.

Scene 3: A River (Location Unknown) - Day
I was then back at the river where I caught the lobsters. I could see long, transparent plastic tubes (like the kind which French bread - long baguettes - come packaged in when sold in supermarkets). These tubes were filled with lobster bisque soup, and were floating in the river. A male dream character (unknown in the dream and in real-life) was trying to fish the tubes of soup out of the river using a large net. I was confused as to why the soup was in the river as I thought it was unhygienic.

TIME: 04:00 - 11:00 hours (I am not sure when this dream took place)

* Please note that because I have a substantial backlog of dreams to record due to a busy schedule preventing me from regularly updating this Blog recently, I have chosen to record these dreams in a simple format without analysis in order to get them posted quickly before I build up too many unrecorded dreams in my Dream Journal.

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