Thursday, 3 September 2015


'Lip Tattoo on Neck'
Dream date: 26 August 2015

Scene 1: Train/Tube Station (Perhaps London?) - Night
I was with some female dream characters (2 or 3) who were friends of mine in the dream. We were in a train station/tube station at night, drinking alcohol from plastic cups and partying. We were running up to people and trying to get them to join in our fun. I was dressed in a white bra and a white skirt. I was planning to get a tattoo of a pair of red lips on my neck, and was trying to work out exactly where on my neck it should be and what size.

Scene 2: DL'S Bedroom, Norwich - Morning
I woke up in DL's bedroom - he was sleeping in the living-room. I thought I was really awake (because I had stayed at his flat in real-life and therefore this felt like a normal awakening on the Saturday morning), but in fact it was a false awakening, or a 'dream within a dream'. I did not have sleep paralysis. I was unaware that this was a false awakening for the duration of the dream. I was laying in bed, checking my phone. LD (a school friend who I turned down romantically) had used Facebook or text message to inform me that he had a new girlfriend, He was attempting to taunt me and make me jealous with this information, and was sending/uploading photographs (selfies) of her to show me. I didn't think she was particularly attractive and did not care. I thought it was funny that he was trying so hard to make me envious of this new girlfriend. I decided to take a selfie on my phone, of my new tattoo. I was trying to position myself (while laying down) in a way which would be flattering, but could not get the photo right. I then heard DL (who was still asleep in reality) playing Wu Tang Clan tracks at a very high volume, When it came to a track by Method Man, he skipped the track. I do not think this was an actual album or actual tracks released by them - just ones imagined in the dream. I thought it was selfish that he had started to blast out loud music early in the morning, without first checking to see if I was awake.

TIME: 01:00 - 11:00 hours (I woke up from this dream)
LUCIDITY: NO (I was not aware that this was a false awakening)

* This is a basic dream report as I have a substantial backlog of unrecorded dreams to upload in a short space of time, prohibiting a full analysis.

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