Monday, 21 September 2015

Dream 507

'Lots of Accidents!'
Dream date: 20 September 2015

Day 13 of 14-Day Dream Incubation Experiment - Kurt Cobain Dream
This is Day 13 of my 14-Day Dream Incubation Experiment. Click on the red link to access the article which explains the experiment and contains all relevant links.

Scene 1: Pine Grove, Sheringham - Day
I was in a house in Pine Grove, Sheringham - where my former childhood home is, although the house I was in, with my mum, my stepdad and my nan was not my old home. It looked like a normal house, with nothing out of the ordinary. It was a sunny day. My family and I were looking out of the window at the road - which seemed wider than it should. Suddenly we saw a huge white lorry turn over and the driver and passenger fell out of the windows. We all realised that this was a terrible accident.

Scene 2: A Department Store/Mall - Day
I was then in a department store or shopping mall, which had 2 floors, the second one being a mezzanine level. I was on the lower floor, watching action taking place on the second floor. By the railing, there was a small tent/marquee-like structure which was being used for 'business consultation'. There were many dream characters wandering around, making the shopping mall look like a normal real-life one. At some points, a dream character would enter the tent/marquee (which was grey in colour) to speak to whomever was inside regarding business plans. Every time a new dream character entered the tent/marquee, it would tilt backwards and throw them over the railing, meaning they fell several meters down to the lower floor. These dream characters would then lay injured and prone on the tiled floor - unconscious or dead. Just before I woke up from this dream I saw a white female dream character enter the tent/marquee and get thrown down to the lower floor. Her boyfriend stood outside the tent/marquee, screaming: 'Someone help her!' in a panicked state. I woke up.

TIME: 00:00 - 09:50 hours (I do not know when this dream took place)

Dream Information:
  • My stepdad is a lorry driver

  • The lorry fell over and the driver/passenger fell out of open windows
  • The actions of the tent/marquee

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • My family as dream characters

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • A few days ago, I was travelling down the motorway in a bus for work - myself and a student helper were going to meet new international students at the airport to transfer them to our university. I saw a Turner's Lorry and mentioned that this was the company my stepdad used to work for. I recalled (at this time) seeing a photograph of an upturned Turner's lorry in my former boss' office (at the law firm I worked in) - I guess my law firm had been involved in litigation resulting from this event

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
This was a boring dream with no reference to Kurt Cobain.

This short dream seems to have no clear connection to my dream incubation experiment. 

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