Thursday, 3 September 2015

Dream 484

'Attacks in The Village'
Dream date: 27 August 2015

Scene 1: A City Street (London?) - Night
I was in a city street at night, preparing to film a hip hop video. I was accompanied by a group of male underground rappers (known to me in real-life) and a Persian female dream character, who was the film-maker and my music producer. She was dressed in an alternative, tomboyish way, wearing a knitted beanie hat and a hoodie. She had a lot of tattoos. All the rappers fancied her, because she was not only pretty, but cool and trendy. 

I realised that I had not written the lyrics to my hip hop track, so I would need to freestyle. I was worried that it might end up being poor quality, but as I started walking down the street (being filmed), freestyling rap lyrics, it was clear that all the male rappers were impressed, as was the Persian girl. After the video was finished, the Persian girl was getting ready to leave the scene. I then realised that she had Hepatitis C and that the male rappers now no longer fancied her as they were afraid of contracting the disease. 

Scene 2: 'The Village' (Norwich?) - Night
I was then in a location known as 'The Village' - it was based on the real-life residential area of my university, which has the same name, but in the dream it appeared to be different. It was a bigger area, with an alleyway which separated the residential areas and there was a pub in the vicinity. This part of the dream took place at night. My mum and her friend, CC were holding a BBQ for some Chinese students. The BBQ was over and everyone was packing away the leftover food into tupperware boxes. I walked (with a dream character friend, who I cannot recall), through the alleyway towards the local pub. Suddenly, we were set upon by a gang of youths (male), who had come from the pub. They were local football hooligans, dressed in sportswear. They 'attacked' us by spraying a liquid from a small bottle into our faces and shouting aggressively at us. I realised that these attacks (always in the alleyway or outside the pub) were frequent - happening almost every night to anyone who visited the area. It was almost like some kind of 'postcode gang war'. I vowed that I would seek  revenge and retaliate, as I had to visit the area all the time and I did not want to continue feeling unsafe or vulnerable to such attacks. 

Scene 3: Former Supermarket in Sheringham - Day
I was in a Budgens supermarket which used to be in Sheringham, before it became a Sainsburys store. I was stocking up on small bottles (I think they were Coca Cola) to use in a counter-attack against the gang of boys in The Village. I was aware that due to the proliferation of attacks in The Village, there was some kind of restriction on buying small bottles of liquid. I was wondering how to get around the restriction so that I could buy more than the allocated amount per customer (which I think was 2 bottles each). I decided I would pretend that I was buying some of the bottles for someone else. I was then approached by 2 male police officers in uniform, who wanted to question me about buying the small bottles. As I was explaining that I was buying drinks for myself and others, I became aware that I had a large knife in my trouser pocket. As soon as I became aware of this fact, one of the police officers also noticed it and asked me to remove the weapon. I was worried that I would be arrested for possession of an offensive weapon. I told the police officers that the blade was blunt (this is not a legitimate defence to a charge of carrying a knife in a public place) and I demonstrated this buy drawing the blade across my thumb and showing them that it would not cut me. The police officers accepted this excuse and allowed me to continue with my shopping. At the counter, the server accepted my excuse that I was buying a number of small bottles because I was doing shopping for other people.

Scene 4: Woodland Rise, Sheringham - Dusk
I was then walking up to my nan's house. On the road/pavement was a huge quantity of minced meat/ground meat and dead fish. The entire surface of the road was covered in this gruesome, rotting mess, I started to scoop it up into the small bottles, so I could use it in my counter-attack against the gang in The Village. I then decided that I should get my knife sharpened and that the best place to do this would be RR's (a girl I went to school with, whose family lived on the same council estate as my nan) dad's house. RR's dad is actually married to my cousin's aunt in real-life. RR is married, but separated from LD, who I recently rejected romantically. I tried to find RR's dad's house - the estate is a straight road with various little cul-de-sacs (all avenues named after trees) leading off from the right-hand side, with the forest on the left. At first I thought he lived in one of the avenues before my nan's house, but could not find the house. I went into my nan's and very shortly afterwards, a male, LJ (in the year above me at school, but only a vague acquaintance who I have not seen in over 15 years) called round. He was there to take me to RR's dad's house. We left my nan's and walked up the road for a few metres, until we came to the right house. We went inside - the inside of the house was hexagonal, which is not true in real-life (also, in the dream, the front door was on the side of the house). I asked RR's dad to sharpen my knife, which he did. LJ seemed to be good friends with RR's dad. There was some knitting on the sofa and the interior of the house was brightly lit. 

Scene 5: 'The Village' (Norwich?) - Night
Myself and a number of dream character friends returned to The Village to launch a counter-attack on the gang. We waited in the alleyway. From the pub, we could hear cheers and shouts, indicating that a football match was being screened. Soon, some of the male gang members left the pub and entered the alleyway, planning to attack anyone they saw there. Quickly, I got my small bottles of mince and dead fish and threw it into their faces, preventing them from attacking me first.

TIME: 03:00 - 11:00 hours (I am not sure when this dream took place)

* This is a basic dream report as I have a substantial backlog of unrecorded dreams to upload in a short space of time, prohibiting a full analysis.

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