Thursday, 10 December 2015

Dream 526

'P Diddy Goes on a Masked Rampage!'
Dream date:  7 December 2015 (Day 7 of Lucid December - Second Dream During Afternoon Nap)

This is Day 7 of Lucid December, where I attempt to induce as many lucid dreams as possible using various induction techniques, described below.

Scene 1: An Interior (City Hall/Train Station?), Unknown Urban Location - Day

This is the weirdest dream I have had in ages. It was so complex and I am not sure I can do it justice by putting it into writing.

I did not perceive all of the details of my dream scene location at one, but it makes sense to describe it all out at the outset rather than in chunks. I was in a large space which was populated by a number of dream characters. It was clearly a public space and felt like it was either a City Hall or a train station. It was light and airy. There was a marble floor and half the floor was raised (by about a metre or so), so there were some steps. On the wall above the grand entrance was a large, ornate clock). To the left of the grand entrance was a smaller exit, which led to a short corridor (filled with stacked furniture - orange plastic chairs) and then out onto street level. To the right of the grand entrance (still on the raised part of the floor), there was a red doorway which led to some corridors and curved metal staircases. Adjacent to this doorway were some orange lockers which were a much taller than me. There was some kind of object just at the bottom of the steps - square and tall (but nowhere near the height of the ceiling, which was incredibly high and domed). It may have been a photobooth or an information desk - I got this impression, but I did not look clearly at this object in the dream. I just knew it was dark in colour and if I stood behind it, I was totally concealed from the other side. 

I was with 2 male dream characters - white and young adults. I got the impression that they were almost like Batman and Robin characters, even though they were not dressed in superhero costumes. I cannot really remember much about their appearance. It was just the sense that we were on a mission to save the world or at least the members of public in this strange building. We were walking around the building amongst the people there. There was the sense that everyone was waiting for something to happen - a concert? a show? a public announcement? It was unclear. I was also not completely certain that I wasn't male.

Suddenly, my attention was drawn to the clock above the grand entrance. It turned into a face - a black male, who was a hip hop artist (although I did not know who). He was wearing a white bone-like mask over his jaw and jutting from it were two 'tusks' either side of his mouth - the ends of these tusks were shaped like the end of penises - so the mark looked like erect penises. The 2 males and I ran around the building. I then crouched down in the corner, between the orange lockers and the exit door on the raised level (so I had gone up the stairs) and started masturbating, while holding onto a massive beach ball. I thought I was about to come to orgasm, when one of my male companions came over and told me that we had to hurry because there was an emergency. I was relieved that the masturbation had proven to me that I was actually female (i.e. I had female genitals). 

We all went over to the object in the middle of the lower floor, and stood behind it. Members of the public were gathered around, waiting for something to happen. I got the sense that what was happening was a 'repeat' of what had happened when I saw the clock change; I thought: 'We are about to witness this from a different perspective'. Suddenly, the black male walked over with an entourage of other males, both black and white. They stood in the centre of the lower part of the floor (me and the 2 males were still behind the object', although I had the distinct memory of 'looking down' on the rapper and his entourage from a slight height). The rapper was wearing a bucket hat and a beige jumper with something red written on it. He had a long gold chain with 'WC' on it. I thought this meant 'West Coast' and I 'recognised' the rapper as Tupac. The rapper began to perform a short song - it wasn't a rap/hip hop track so much as a song which he sang, and I really enjoyed it. I then realised that this was in fact P Diddy, and was confused as to why I he was wearing a chain with 'WC' on it. 

Suddenly, a mask appeared on P Diddy's face - it was made of white bone and covered his jaw. Two tusks - shaped like penises, started rising slowly, protruding from either side of his mouth. This was the emergency and I felt a rush of adrenaline. The 2 males turned and ran up the stairs, and left through the exit to the left of the grand entrance, which led to the room with the stacked furniture stored in it. I thought we were going to run out of the building into the street (I could see another door at the end of this room which was opened out onto the street), but we turned right, and ran down a corridor, then up some spiral metal stairs (orange paint) - at the top of the stairs was an orange door. We pushed it open (it was stiff) and we came out of the 'exit' to the right of the grand entrance in the city hall building (this would have been impossible as we had gone out of an exit on this level and then up some stairs which seemed to take us to the first floor, re-entering on ground level). It seemed that this was a 'big entrance' - we were in the process of saving the day! We were to apprehend P Diddy and secure the building - he was an enemy and a threat to the public (although I wasn't sure what his motive or intentions were).

Then, one of my male companions decided that we should back down because confronting P Diddy would not be a wise idea. Instead, he indicated that we should try to escape. The only way to do this would be to break through the wall behind the lockers, or climb on top of the lockers, where there was an escape hatch. I started trying to pull the lockers off the wall so that I could attempt to break through the wall behind them. However, one of my male companions had managed to climb on top of the lockers already and he reached his hand down to me to help me climb on top. I thought that this would be impossible and I was aware of my real-life fear of heights and poor climbing ability. There was a lot of orange dust floating about. I became aware of screaming, panic and chaos behind me; P Diddy was obviously doing something which was causing public mayhem and terror. 

Suddenly, P Diddy rushed over and captured my male companions and I. He had us under his arms, while he was running. As we were about to go through the exit which led to the furniture storage and the door out to the city, P Diddy said that he was going to take hostages. We told him that this was a good idea (there was the sense that we had a plan to overthrow him, but wanted to pretend to be on his side to lull him into a false sense of security). He said that he needed a female, but it was 'OK because he has one now' (meaning me). One of my male companions said; 'No, you don't want a Persian-looking woman as a hostage, you want a sexy blonde, or no-one will take you seriously'. I thought this was an ingenious thing to say as it would mean he might free me and we might be able to execute our plan against him. We ran out onto street level - and continued running down to pavement, either side of P Diddy, who somehow had hold of us. There was a ticket vendor on the street. It was a typical city - like London or New York and we were in the business district. It was a sunny day. 

I woke up.

TIME: 17:00 - 19:30 hours (I am not sure when this dream took place)
  • Cognitive induction techniques, adapted from the MILD Technique & Tholey's Combined Technique to induce a DILD (Dream-Initiate/Induced Lucid Dream) - critical reflection (in conjunction with reality checking - see below); intention; auto-suggestion; affirmations before sleep and during WB2B - 10 minutes prior to sleep; 10 minutes during WB2B 
  • Reality checks (target: 15 - 20 a day); actual: 6 (poor)
  • Wake Back to Bed Method (WB2B) - sleep for approximately 5 - 6 hours (to attain all necessary deep sleep; or where sleep deprived, wake naturally without an alarm), wake for 10 - 15 minutes; perform cognitive techniques; sleep for a further 45 - 90 minutes, during which I will hopefully be in the 'best' REM stage of the sleep cycle for lucid dreaming - no WB2B used on this occasion - afternoon nap works on the same principles
  • Potential REM Rebound Effect from cannabis smoked recently
  • 100 mg of 'lucid dream supplement' Vitamin B6 (2 x 50 mg pills, taken at midday and just before sleep)

Dream Information:

  • None of note

  • The entire dream was a dreamsign

Recurrent Dream Themes
  • Running through corridors

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • None of note

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
This was a very exciting dream! There was definitely a nightmarish element to it and I did feel a sense of threat, but it was more action than horror. Watching the mask appear on P Diddy's face and the tusks emerge from it was the scariest aspect of this dream. I cannot think of anything from my waking life which inspired or influenced this dream - it was so bizarre and vivid.

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