Monday, 28 December 2015

Dream 539

'A Photograph of my Grandfather'
Dream date:  27 December 2015 (Day 27 of Lucid December)

This is Day 27 of Lucid December, where I attempt to induce as many lucid dreams as possible using various induction techniques, described below. 

Scene 1: An Interior - Time Unknown

I was showing someone a photograph of my grandfather when he younger - the photograph didn't really look much like I remember him to look (I lost the majority of contact with him following his acrimonious divorce from my nan - she used to take me to visit him in his bedsit at weekends for a period of time during my childhood, but due to his behaviour and mental health issues, it was hard to maintain contact with him and now he is dead). In the photograph he had piercing blue eyes (which he had in reality, despite having olive skin and black hair). There was another male in the photograph - a young boy. In the dream I was sure that this unknown boy must be a male relative of my grandfather, but I was confused as to who this was. 

The photograph held my attention for a long period of time in this dream - it seemed significant in some way. 

I was then with a dream character - I think it was a male, but I am not sure who it was. This person was telling me that they had to go on a mission - I think it was a space mission, although I am not sure. There was a lot of discussion about when this dream character would leave for this mission. They left the room we were in - and then re-entered because it wasn't time to go yet. All my memories of this scene are hazy and unclear.

TIME: 19:00 - 22:00 hours (I woke up from this dream)
  • Cognitive induction techniques, adapted from the MILD Technique & Tholey's Combined Technique to induce a DILD (Dream-Initiate/Induced Lucid Dream) - critical reflection (in conjunction with reality checking - see below); intention; auto-suggestion; affirmations before sleep and during WB2B - 10 minutes prior to sleep; 10 minutes during WB2B 
  • Reality checks (target: 15 - 20 a day); actual: 2 (extremely poor)
  • Wake Back to Bed Method (WB2B) - sleep for approximately 5 - 6 hours (to attain all necessary deep sleep; or where sleep deprived, wake naturally without an alarm), wake for 10 - 15 minutes; perform cognitive techniques; sleep for a further 45 - 90 minutes, during which I will hopefully be in the 'best' REM stage of the sleep cycle for lucid dreaming - no WB2B performed
  • Potential REM Rebound Effect from cannabis smoked recently
  • 100g of Vitamin B6 taken just before sleep

Dream Information:

  • None of note

  • None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes
  • Space travel

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • I was discussing my grandfather a few days before this dream - the fact that although he had black hair, all of my nan's children inherited her light hair (she was a natural blonde)

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
I woke up confused from this dream as my memories were quite confused.

* I have forgotten some aspects of this dream - if I recall them later I will record them below.

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