Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Dream 541

'The Perfect Lipliner Pencil'
Dream date:  29 December 2015 (Day 29 of Lucid December)

This is Day 29 of Lucid December, where I attempt to induce as many lucid dreams as possible using various induction techniques, described below. 

Scene 1: An Office Building - Morning

I was entering an office building - where I apparently worked. I went into the main foyer, which was all white, with some small tables and chairs - cafe style, on a white tiled floor. As I was about to climb the long winding staircase (which looked very 'corporate') up to the part of the office where I worked, I saw a male - someone I went to school with, who was either JJ or BH (white with blonde hair, not sure which or perhaps a composite of both?) seated at one of the tables at the bottom of the stairs. He said: 'I need to tell you about my dreams'. I said I would speak to him later, and planned to ask my work if I could take some time off that afternoon to 'interview' JJBH about his dreams. I then discovered that a brand new lipliner pencil was laying on the floor at the foot of the stairs. I picked it up - it was the perfect nude pink colour, which perfectly matched one of my favourite (real-life) lipsticks (which happens to be called 'Tallulah'!) I was very pleased with my find.

I then went into the actual part of the office where I worked - it seemed to be a Law Firm and the supervisor was a woman who used to be the head legal secretary in the first Law Firm I worked in after leaving university (I cannot recall her name - she was a mature woman with grey hair). I sat at a desk - the desks were arranged in an L-shape. I asked the supervisor if I could take some time off work that day to interview JJBH about his dreams. The supervisor said that I could. I assumed she meant an hour, but she clarified that I could take the whole afternoon off work as the rest of the company were going for a celebration party - which I had not been invited to. I wondered why I did not know about the celebration, and was annoyed that I was being left out, but happy that I was able to take time off work. 

I then sat facing another employee of the firm (a brown-haired white female, who may have been SW - a former colleague I used to work with in that real-life Law Firm). I was telling her about someone online who had made a fake Facebook profile in my name, using my photographs and personal information. I was frustrated and wanted to make an official complaint about it, but no-one would listen. I was looking at my lipliner pencil during this conversation, during which my colleague was saying she was unable to offer a solution to my problem.

TIME: 22:30 - 06:30 hours (I woke up from this dream)
  • Cognitive induction techniques, adapted from the MILD Technique & Tholey's Combined Technique to induce a DILD (Dream-Initiate/Induced Lucid Dream) - critical reflection (in conjunction with reality checking - see below); intention; auto-suggestion; affirmations before sleep and during WB2B - 10 minutes prior to sleep; 10 minutes during WB2B 
  • Reality checks (target: 15 - 20 a day); actual: 4 (very poor)
  • Wake Back to Bed Method (WB2B) - sleep for approximately 5 - 6 hours (to attain all necessary deep sleep; or where sleep deprived, wake naturally without an alarm), wake for 10 - 15 minutes; perform cognitive techniques; sleep for a further 45 - 90 minutes, during which I will hopefully be in the 'best' REM stage of the sleep cycle for lucid dreaming - no WB2B performed
  • Potential REM Rebound Effect from cannabis smoked recently
  • No Vitamin B6 taken

Dream Information:

  • None of note

  • None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes
  • Working in a Law Firm

Potential Day/Dream Residue:

  • The day of this dream I had to block an online Facebook friend because he was becoming abusive after I rejected his sexual advances. He then created a second profile - in a similar name to his own and tried to re-add me as a friend. I declined and received a message from him which was highly abusive (calling me a whore, referring to my body etc) which I screenshotted and posted on my own Facebook wall for my friends to see what he had said and how desperate he was. Later, at my house, DL told me he had received a random friend request from 'me' - but instead of having hundreds of mutual friends, it only had 10, all male and just one photo of me - my current profile picture. He checked and noted that my own Facebook - with the same profile picture I have been using for ages was active as normal. This meant the new one had been created by someone who had stolen my identity. I reported the 'new' Facebook profile which got removed almost immediately, and messaged the male friends it had added, telling them that it was not me and the profile I was messaging them from was the genuine one - which was obvious as it had all of my online content etc. My friends then said they thought it had been odd, but accepted the friend requests assuming it had been me - maybe I had a new Facebook because there was an issue with my old one etc. They were concerned and tried to delete the new one, but then realised it was removed. The weirdest thing was that in order to get my full friend's list, this man must have memorised or copied all of my male friends before I blocked him - which means he was planning to do this (I have over 1,100 friends, most of which are male). There was possibly only 15 minutes between him making the random unsolicited sexual advances, getting rejected and blocked for him to do this. After I blocked him, when he sent the new friend request under a similar name to his own - the one he used to send the abusive message - he would not see my friend's list, as my profile is set to private. This makes his act even more weird and creepy! I believe stole my identity to create a new profile under my name to communicate in some sexual way with my male friends as he was obsessed with me as a sexual object and it is the only motivation which could explain him going to so much effort

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
There were no specific waking thoughts or emotions linked to this dream.

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