Sunday, 27 December 2015

Dream 538

Dream date:  26 December 2015 (Day 26 of Lucid December)

This is Day 26 of Lucid December, where I attempt to induce as many lucid dreams as possible using various induction techniques, described below. This was the first proper sleep I had after 2 days of sleep deprivation, so my dreaming and dream recall have been significantly affected.

Scene 1: An Interior - Time Unknown

I was in a room, although I am not sure where this was. I was with a male dream character who was partially a robot (some parts of him were made of metal - so I guess he was an android or a cyborg or suchlike). He had white skin and dark brown hair - and was normal height and build, with no distinctive looks other than the metal which was on his cheeks and hands. He was telling me about planets - he had been on a mission to Venus and was describing it as if it was a nice holiday destination, although in my mind I was questioning this (because of the atmosphere and heat of the planet), and felt he was lying to me. He started to show me a big diagram, which was many outlines of black squares on a large white background. I cannot recall what he said to me, but I found the diagram interesting and significant in some way.

Scene 1: My Nan's House in Sheringham - Time Unknown
I was in the livingroom of my nan's house in Sheringham and various members of my family were present. We were going to go out somewhere - I cannot remember where or anything else about this scene.

TIME: 19:00 - 05:30 hours (I am not sure when this dream took place - no WB2B)
  • Cognitive induction techniques, adapted from the MILD Technique & Tholey's Combined Technique to induce a DILD (Dream-Initiate/Induced Lucid Dream) - critical reflection (in conjunction with reality checking - see below); intention; auto-suggestion; affirmations before sleep and during WB2B - 10 minutes prior to sleep; 10 minutes during WB2B 
  • Reality checks (target: 15 - 20 a day); actual: 3 (extremely poor)
  • Wake Back to Bed Method (WB2B) - sleep for approximately 5 - 6 hours (to attain all necessary deep sleep; or where sleep deprived, wake naturally without an alarm), wake for 10 - 15 minutes; perform cognitive techniques; sleep for a further 45 - 90 minutes, during which I will hopefully be in the 'best' REM stage of the sleep cycle for lucid dreaming - no WB2B performed
  • Potential REM Rebound Effect from cannabis smoked recently
  • No Vitamin B6 taken

Dream Information:

  • None of note

  • The robot (android/cyborg) dream character
  • Venus was a nice holiday destination

Recurrent Dream Themes
  • None of note

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • Just before I went to sleep I had been watching a documentary about the inner planets (Mercury and Venus)

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
I did not have any particular waking thoughts or emotions about this dream, although I do think that I remembered more upon waking than I did when recording the dream. This was my first proper sleep after a long period (2 days - so more than 48 hours) of sleep deprivation which may have had an impact on my dreaming and ability to recall this dream.

* I think I may have forgotten some of this dream as it seemed that I remembered much more detail immediately upon waking If I recall anything else about this dream, I will record it below.

* Recalled Dream Scene (27 December 2015, 16:30 hours)
In Scene 2 (my nan's house in Sheringham), my phone had a smashed screen - it was all jagged and sharp where the glass was sticking up/out, but I could still use the touch screen function and thought that this was odd. I was really annoyed by the smashed phone screen and also worried as I did not want to pay for a new phone. My mum was telling me that we could get the screen fixed, but I was concerned about the cost as it would be expensive. I could not remember how it got smashed and was asking everyone if they saw it happen and what caused it.
Memory Trigger: I was using my phone while sitting on the doorstep of my house.

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