Saturday, 14 May 2016

Dream 626

'Sexting Eminem'
Date: 13 May 2016
Time: 07:30 - 11:50 (I woke up from this dream - naturally)
Type of dream: Normal/non-lucid
Dream recall: Strong recall of vivid dream

Scene 1: Public Transport (Location Unknown) - Day
I was in a location which was used as a station or stopping point for public transport. I was standing in a crowd of commuters/passengers, all waiting for the transport to arrive - there was a glass shelter and it seemed that we were in an urban environment. I cannot recall talking to any of the other dream characters who were in this location.

Suddenly, a train or tram (not sure which) came smashing through the glass panels of the shelter. The glass in the windscreen of the train/tram also smashed into shards. I noticed that someone - a male dream character - was spread-eagled across the front of the train/tram, so he was between the windscreen and shelter when the collision occurred, facing outwards towards the crowd of passengers. No-one seemed to be hurt, even the man on the front of the train/tram who took the full impact. Everyone was panicked and screaming, although the main damage was lots of broken glass. The man on the front of the train/tram then started to try and hold back the vehicle, to stop it moving forward anymore. This would have been impossible, due to the force/speed of the vehicle and the fact the man was facing the wrong direction to be able to push it back. He seemed to be exerting the same level of force, as the train/tram was stopped. 

Scene 2: A Domestic Interior (appeared to be on university campus, Norwich) - Night
I was in an interior location. I believe it may have been in Norwich, on my university campus, because later, when a second location (Norfolk Terrace) is mentioned, one of the dream character pointed it out as being a very short distance away, which is true of my real-life home. The room we were in was quite dark and there was an (unrecalled) yellow object in front of me at the table I was sitting at. The room was quite messy, with the usual kind of furniture you would find in a lounge area of a domestic building. 

I cannot recall the dream characters who were present, but they seemed to be people I knew as friends and colleagues in my welfare job (they may have been dream characters who did the same job as me, or actual friends from real life). We were just hanging out in the house (which I believe was my home, although it did not look like my real life house) when someone told me that Eminem (Marshall Mathers III) was on campus. I asked where and I was able to see outside (without moving - my view just transitioned to that which I would see if I was standing in the doorway of the entrance of my house, looking outwards). It was very dark and I could see stars in the sky. The dream character who was with me while I saw this view pointed towards what would be the next block of accommodation - Suffolk Terrace (Norfolk Terrace is not visible from my house as it is 'behind' Suffolk Terrace) and said: 'He's staying in Norfolk Terrace with 'Goiger' [or 'Goiga'/'Goigal'/'Goigel'/'Goigle']. I could see that every light was on in the Terraces, and instantly knew that 'Goiger' was 'ZH'. I wondered why Eminem would choose to stay with 'Goiger' and so I told the dream character (now I was aware of being back in the same room as before) that I would send a sexual text to Eminem and encourage him to meet me for sex. I was very excited at this prospect, but the dream character friends were doubtful as to whether this was a good idea.

I sent a text to Eminem, but I am not sure what it said. I wanted to send him a nude photograph of me, but accidentally sent him a video. I was able to see the video I sent play before me, filling my field of vision, as if I was watching myself in the third-person perspective. The video showed me in a long dark room, laying sideways on a pink sofa, naked. I am holding a vibrator/dildo. As the 'camera' pans out, I see a crowd of people standing a short distance away, watching me - the presumption being I am about to masturbate and perform a sex show. I find myself back in the presence of the dream scene, feeling uneasy that I sent this video to Eminem via text message. I didn't want him to see the people watching me - only a video of me masturbating. I try to convince myself that the spectators do not matter. I then receive a reply from Eminem, telling me that he wants to meet me and I should go to 'Goiger's' house.

Scene 3: My Nan's House, Sheringham - Night
I am sitting on the floor in the lounge of my Nan's house, in front of the TV. My Mum is sitting on the armchair (next to the kitchen door), behind me. I am watching a TV show - it depicts people in an interior, one of whom does something with a baby's milk bottle, which squirts milk from the teet, causing a sprinkler system to rain down milk on all the characters on the screen. 

I turn to my Mum. There is the idea that I am having to attend primary school. I was arguing that I had already finished my primary and secondary education, and was now a PhD student, so was far beyond the need to go to primary school. I was telling her it was pointless and begging to be allowed to skip school. My Mum agreed that I could skip primary school. I felt excited, because this meant I could go to see Eminem.

Extra Information: None of  note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 
Eminem as my lover


  • The incident with the train/tram collision
  • Eminem was living in university accommodation
  • I was supposed to attend primary (elementary/infant) school

Day Residue:
  • The day of this dream I watched some scenes from Spider-Man 2 (2004) - including the one in which Peter Parker fights with Octavius/Dr Octopus on the fast train and struggles to stop the train to save the passengers - having Googled still images from this scene, I notice that Spider-Man/Parker is in the exact same position as the male dream character who was on the front of the train/tram in my dream (see below)
  • I have many dreams where Eminem is my lover or love interest
  • The day before this dream my work colleagues and I (who are neighbours) were discussing the fact we have to temporarily move out of our homes into accommodation in Norfolk Terrace (a short distance away) while renovations are carried out in our homes during July/August. None of us are happy about this prospect
  • The day before this dream I mentioned to one of my friends that ZH was much taller than I initially thought she was - I also mentioned that she was one person I might find it difficult to share a flat with and my friend agreed
  • The day before this dream I saw some previously unseen photographs of my icon, Amy Winehouse, one of which showed her laying on a sofa in the same position as I was laying in the video I sent Eminem. I am often told I look a lot like Amy Winehouse, mainly because of my hair, which I sometimes style into a beehive to imitate her. This gets me comments from people in the street who point out the resemblance. I have posted photographs of Amy Winehouse (taken from a distance) on my Facebook and had friends tell me they thought it was me at first, before looking closer
  • The day before this dream I was doing some webcam work
  • The day before this dream I had a conversation with someone about a radiator bursting. The same man (someone who wanted a webcam session with me) asked if I could dress up in a school uniform, but I refused
  • The day before this dream I posted a status on Facebook about how (amazingly) I managed to 'school' someone in astro-physics, to which, a Facebook friend responded: 'are you sure they weren't a preschooler?'
  • The day before this dream my friend and I were discussing the recent controversy over the SATS (Standard Assessment Tests, taken by UK school children in Years 2, 6 & 9). The controversy is that the SATS tests are so difficult, many adults struggle to perform well in similar tests - my friend and I (both postgraduate students) did an online version of the English SATS test, both failing to get full marks

Waking Reactions: 
Another Eminem dream! My subconscious seems to be fixed on the notion that I am in love with/sexually attracted to Eminem! I did enjoy this dream because I could detect the different ways in which day residue was woven into the content and this was a long, complex and vividly remembered dream.

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