Monday, 16 May 2016

Dream 628

Date: 15 May 2016
Time: 15:00 - 21:20 (I woke up from this dream - naturally)
Type of dream: Normal/non-lucid
Dream recall: Strong recall of vivid dream

Scene 1: An Interior Scene (Location Unknown) - Time Unknown
I was in an interior scene with some other dream characters (unrecalled). I cannot recall anything about the location, as I was kneeling on the floor, which was white tiles. I had some turtles in a clear plastic tub. The turtles were really small - about the size of a hamster, and really vivid green and fat. The turtles kept trying to escape from the container, and I had to pick them up and put them back in, although I didn't want to touch them - they were slimy and felt horrible to touch. This scene was quite long - me trying to get the escaping turtles back into the container so that I could carry it somewhere else and then transfer them to a tank of water. The scene felt significant while I was dreaming it, but I cannot really describe anything else about it.

I then saw IM (my friend and colleagues) and another dream character. We were all sitting/kneeling down low. I decided to punch IM repeatedly in the face and top of the head for no reason - he was crying out in pain, but no-one tried to stop me. When I finished violently assaulting him, I wondered why I had done it and felt guilty.

Scene 2: An Outdoor Sports Stadium (Location Unknown) - Day
I was then sitting in the front row of an outside sports stadium - it was day. I am not sure what kind of sports we were watching. It was a very sunny day and the 'bleachers' (seating) was completely full of spectators. I had a book in my hands - I am not sure what kind of book it was. In the next seat was a female dream character (unknown - white with black hair) and as soon as I noticed her, the page of the book I was reading became a screen (which filled my field of vision) - it was grey and fuzzy, like static. The image of the female dream character kept sliding from right to left across the centre of the screen, with large black bar codes (horizontal) obscuring her. 

Scene 3: A Bathroom (Location Unknown) - Time Unknown
I was then in a bathroom with my Mum. My Mum was telling me that there was something wrong with the hair at the back/left of my head and she wanted to look at it. I did not want her to look. I then became anxious, because I could hear a buzzing noise in my ear, and was aware that a fly or insect had become trapped in my earhole. I was begging my Mum to take me to the doctor to get the fly removed, but my Mum wanted to do it herself, using a cotton-bud (Q-tip) or end of a biro. She kept prodding each object into my ear, but could not remove the insect, which was buzzing and moving, causing an itchy/tickly sensation which was really unpleasant. I started walking around the bathroom, feeling frustrated and annoyed.

Extra Information: None of  note

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • A problem with my hair - and my Mum being present

  • I was violent towards my friend IM, for no reason
  • The scene in the sports stadium

Day Residue:
  • The day before this dream, I watched a CinemaSins Youtube video for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)
  • The day of this dream I had been laughing about some 'fox' emojis I found on my Facebook messenger - Megan Fox is in the Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, playing April O'Neil
  • The day of this dream, I wrote a poem for an online poetry contest (theme: 'wild animals'), called 'The Cephalopod' - and described the gelatinous texture of octopus flesh and how I wanted to squeeze it between my hands
  • It was IM's birthday the day before this dream - I saw the notification on Facebook
  • The day of this dream I saw some photographs of Drake at a basketball stadium
  • The day of this dream I had a conversation about how difficult my hair is to care for and how my Mum used to spend a lot of time doing treatments on it (she used the the same treatments which you use on Afro hair, like oiling and combing with a wide-toothed 'Afro-comb')
  • I often watch pimple/cyst-popping and ear extraction videos on Youtube as I am fascinated by these (and wish I could do it on a willing 'victim'!) When I was younger, my Mum always used to play 'dermatologist' with any skin disorder I had happened to suffer from - she was quite good at it and used to pay me for the privilege!

Waking Reactions: 
This dream was really long - or at least it felt that way while I was experiencing it. I really enjoyed this dream, even though none of the scene were particularly fun or pleasant!

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