Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Dream 57

Dream date: 1st July 2012

I was in the kitchen in my London home, cutting potatoes into chips and frying them in a deep steel pan at the cooker. PS's brother, MH (both half-Asian on their fathers' sides) came down the stairs. He told me that I was creating too much noise. Suddenly, my ex-boyfriend SL's father (an Asian man - totally unconnected to PS's family) was behind me in the kitchen. I knew that SL and his brother SL had PS's real-life parents (a white mother, Indian father) and PS and MH had SL and AL's real-life parents (Sri Lankan). Sorry if I have explained this confusingly, basically my two boyfriends who have full and mixed Asian parentage respectively, had somehow switched parents and all were living in the same house in London.I told MH that I was making chips and tried to pacify him. Mr SL (my ex-boyfriend's Sri Lankan father) told me that MH took after him whilst PS took after his mum, Mrs SL. He gave me three £10 notes - £30. SL and AL were carrying suitcases downstairs and out the front door.

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