Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Dream 58

Dream date: 4th July 2012

I was in a cottage made out of wooden logs. It was evening. Long wooden benches were stretched along the walls of the hut. I went out, it was daylight. I was in the dream town I have referred to elsewhere in this Blog. I could see that I was on a hill, high above the town. The sun was shining and the light was dappled, as if caught by a camera lens, rather than seen by my naked eye. It was so tranquil and relaxing. I looked down, past brilliant green fluffy-leaved trees to the town. I walked and ended up in the university campus setting I have referred to elsewhere - it appears to sometimes look like my current university (UEA) and sometimes like my former one (York). Today, it looked like neither in particular. I was seated amongst other students on some white garden furniture under some arches. I was discussing Orientalism and the Romantics with a male student, wearing glasses. I got a text message. It was from PP and I was very excited. I knew in the dream that PP was married (as he is in real-life). I felt confident that I had 'willed' or encouraged him to text me (I am not sure how to explain this, but in the dream I felt triumphant, as if a plan had been successful or there had been some form of back-story to receiving this text out of the blue, which wasn't explained by the dream scenes I recalled upon waking). PP said he was coming to the UK and wanted to meet me. I texted back something along the lines of: "but you're married". PP said that it did not matter. I hurried back through the town to the wooden cottage. I was then seated at one of the long benches and various family members were present. There was a log fire burning and the inside of the cottage was very cosy. It was dusk - I saw through the window above where I was sitting. I felt anxious about the time. I knew PP would be due at an airport shortly and  I wanted to be ready to meet him. He text me again, but I cannot recall what he said. The result of the text however, was that I set my mobile phone alarm to alert me in 30 minutes. I began applying make-up and doing my hair, trying to make myself look as pretty as possible. PC, my nan, was telling me that I shouldn't go as PP was a married man, but I argued back, saying: "it was always supposed to happen". I was looking in a small oval mirror and applying more make-up when the alarm on my phone sounded. I was ecstatic with excitement and woke up.

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