Monday, 23 July 2012

Dream 63

I was in a wooden-walled interior, standing on a mezzanine level floor (i.e. a balcony-type floor). Along the walls of the upstairs level were doors leading to rooms of sort sort. I was carrying a clipboard and a pen in my hands, and went along the corridor, knocking on each door. The doors were answered by strangers and I asked each in turn: "Is it OK to cheat on your partner?" and recorded their responses on the paper attached to the clipboard. My attention was caught by one individual in particular - a young, white male with mid-brown hair, wearing a pink T-shirt. When he answered the door to his room, I looked at his hair for some moments and thought to myself how brown it was, how what I was seeing was the exact embodiment of 'mid-brown' - it was like the quintessential shade of 'mid-brown' and made me think about that colour. I concluded that the male must be the person at whom my questionnaire was aimed - that his answer would be conclusive. I asked him "Is it OK to cheat on your partner?" and he replied: "It is if it is with you..." I went into the room. There were pictures hanging on all the walls, although the room was very dark. I could see that they were either traditional seated portraits, landscapes and still-lifes in ornate frames. There were small tables with candles which were not lit and a red velvet chaise lounge. I woke up before anything else happened.

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