Monday, 30 July 2012

Dream 68

I was in a room in a home (but I was not able to recall any specific detail about it). It was daylight and PS and I were talking. He was telling me that he wanted to go out alone and I was to stay at home. I wasn't happy and was questioning why I had to be at home. An image flashed before my eyes - it was RB, reclining on a sofa (not in the same room - it was a separate image, it felt as if my mind 'opened a door' into another room, but mentally, because it seemed as though I 'walked into' this scene). RB was wearing a white T-shirt and baggy grey tracksuit bottoms. It was as if I was looking from the end of the sofa looking downwards. He gestured to me in a way which suggested he wanted me to join him, but suddenly I was back with PS in the same situation as before. PS left. I was aware that time passed, but I do not recall what I did during this time as I have no recollection of any events. PS came back. He said he had been to RB's house, which in the dream was some distance away. He said that there had been two girls there, Dolly and Maisy. I was furious and asked him why I wasn't able to go if other girls had been invited, but PS was being vague and not answering me which was making me agitated and argumentative. I said; "Who's Maisy?" and PS told me that she was "the beanpole one" - indicating that she was a tall, thin girl and that I must know her from somewhere (I do not know anyone called Maisy OR Dolly in real-life, although I do remember there was a very elderly lady from my childhood hometown who was known as ‘Dolly’; it is the name of pop singer Rihanna's recently-deceased grandmother; 'Dolly' is sometimes the shortened name of 'Dolores' in my favourite book, Nabokov's Lolita (1955); and I recently saw it used as a nickname on a celebrity's Twitter page). I left the room and went to walk down the stairs - which were the stairs in my nan, PC's Sheringham home. Sitting on the stairs, midway up, were two girls. They were both dressed in casual clothes - jeans and trainers, mostly blue, navy and black in colour. The lights were dimmer on the stairs and in the hallway. I knew that the tall, thin girl with brunette hair, seated on the higher step, was 'Maisy', but I did not recognise the second girl on the step below. She looked Indonesian - or at least she appeared to be of Oriental ethnicity, with deep brown skin and straight black hair down to about her shoulders (PS and I had a conversation the other day about Oriental influence in Persian culture, I had straightened my own hair just prior to this dream, and I currently have a summer sun-tan and therefore, darker skin). Her eyes were lined with thick black eye-liner, winged out to the side, like the way I make-up my own. I assumed that this was 'Dolly'. I was then in another room with PS - it appeared to be the bedroom in the London home. I told him that I had seen Dolly, but he said that the girl on the stairs with Maisy was not actually Dolly. I was then asking him who Dolly really was. He eventually described Dolly as being "small, thin with blonde hair and quite a good-looking face". I had an image of a girl, fitting this description. I asked if he had Dolly’s mobile phone number stored in his own phone, but he would not tell me. I felt angry, but I wasn't sure if it was because I had feelings of jealousy towards PS and 'Dolly' socialising without me and PS's flattering description of her appearance, or simply because my assumption that the dark-skinned girl was 'Dolly' proved to be wrong. I woke up.

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