Friday, 27 July 2012

Dream 67

I have noticed that, despite what I have read online about the effects of alcohol on lucid dreaming - i.e. that the presence of alcohol in the blood can repress REM sleep and dreaming, many times when I drink enough alcohol to feel drunk, but still retain my normal faculties and abilities (i.e. slightly more than tipsy, but not uncontrollably drunk or incapacitated), I am more likely to have a false awakening if I take a short nap. This happened last night, after a party. I drank a few vodka and lemonades, then after a break from drinking, fell asleep for an hour or so. During this sleep, I had a false awakening, although I did not realise it at the time, and therefore did not become fully lucid, unlike another time when I fell asleep and 'woke up' in the bathroom (although I was really asleep in the bedroom, having decided to skip a bath before bed - therefore triggering lucidity when I realised that I was now in a different location). Last night was slightly different, as I did not become aware that I was experiencing a false awakening until I recalled what happened upon real waking. Basically, I woke up in bed, where I had fallen asleep. I was lying on my side, under the duvet and I was holding something with a reflective surface - it may have been the back of a spoon or some other form of shiny metal, but it wasn't a mirror. The reflection of my face was blurry and the reflective surface was too small to see my whole face at the same time. I was poking my face and creasing it up, wondering if my face would look crumpled if I fell asleep lying face down. I was looking at my lips in particular and was pursing my lips. I woke up in real-life, with the memory of looking at my face in the metal, and acknowledged that this must have taken place during a false awakening.

After a couple of hours, I fell back asleep again. I entered a dream. In this dream I was the female part of a couple, but I was not 'me'. I was experiencing this dream sometimes in the  first person, sometimes in the third person - the latter enabling me to see myself. Both myself and my male partner, who I was aware was my husband, had chestnut brown hair. His was in a traditional short-back-and-sides cut and mine was to my shoulders and wavy. He was wearing a navy suit and I was wearing a smart navy skirt, mid-calf and a white blouse. We were being shown around real estate properties and I soon learnt that myself and my husband were looking for a new family home to purchase. Every time, there was an agent with us, a non-descript man who would do little more than guide us into the next property. However, every time we visited a new house, something very odd would happen whilst we were in there. The houses looked like normal domestic houses on the interior - we never saw the exterior of any of these buildings. All the room were furnished normally. In the first house, we entered through a white gloss-paint door to the right side of the room. I was seeing this situation in the third person. My husband and I were standing in front of a TV set, which was positioned under the closed-curtain window. Suddenly, by itself, the TV turned on to a grey static screen. The TV was unplugged from the electricity socket. My husband and I were scared and left. We went into a second house. There was a domestic cat, which skinned itself, removing it's fur like a jacket, leaving bloody muscles and ligaments and skeleton on show. It was then lying dead, or badly injured at least, on the carpet at my husband and I looked down at it, this being experienced in the first person. By the time we went to the third house, my husband and I had come to the conclusion that we were cursed, or at least the prospect of us getting a nice property was - we knew to expect something bad would happen in each property we looked around. In the third house (experienced first person), the walls of the house were moving, making the rooms extremely big at times and claustrophobically small within several moments. My panic came from the notion that we would be crushed by the walls. We went to the fourth house and my husband said: "What will happen here?" Because we were simply waiting for something scary to start happening, the anticipation made our fear worse. Examining the room, in first person perspective, I said: "Look!" and pointed to some long, narrow black curtains which were getting shredded, by something invisible, from the bottom upwards. We left the fourth house. I said: "At least it's haunting houses, not our bodies..." and then realised that my husband and I worked for an airline company, which is why were dressed in smart navy clothes, as described above .I saw us standing together, from a third person perspective.

In the next dream scene, I was 'me' again, experiencing all the action from the first person. I was with someone - a young male adult, who I cannot recall, only that the dream character was clearly someone I knew from real-life, or a composite of several real-life men. Our interaction signalled that we were friends and well-known to each other, but I never actually got a good look at his face. It was night. We were in a dark alleyway, with brick walls. My cousin HM joined us after we stood there for a few minutes, trying to find the exit. We walked down the alleyway, then in the centre of the passage, we saw a small brick structure - like a extremely small brick shelter, with the front open. On the floor was a white dog of some sort, medium-sized and lying on its side. It looked very badly hurt, its fur was missing in places and it was blood seeping from many wounds on its body. Its face was all smashed in and broken. I said to my male friend that we needed to help the dog. As we got a little closer so that we could see better, we noticed that there was a young woman in the back of the shelter, sitting behind the dog. She was dressed in a white dress and white nurse’s cap, with her hair in bunches, tied with red ribbons. All her limbs were amputated and the stumps were covered with white bandages. She seemed to be in a panic. We said something to her and she said: "The Muslim Lord is coming, he wants to meet my baby-father..." I interpreted this to mean that the sick, injured dog was her child, her son. From behind the shelter, I could see a shadow of a man approaching in a black cloak. I said to my male friend, HM and the amputee girl; "He's coming!" We were quite frightened as my thoughts were that we did not have the girl's baby-father present for 'Muslim Lord' to meet. My instinct was that 'Muslim Lord' would take the injured dog child. My friend and I went around the shelter, to apprehend 'Muslim Lord' before he could see the dog child. 'Muslim Lord' was a tall man with a pointy beard, yet he did not look Islamic, which could perhaps mean he wasn't actually a follower of Islam, it was merely his name. He had a long black cloak and was with two females who appeared to be supermodels, dressed in black bondage dress - although their outfits were not really revealing or sexually provocative - rather like black PVC catsuits with straps and buckles. They had sharply cut black bobbed hair. We were round a corner in the alleyway, and saw that Muslim Lord was coming round the same corner. I didn't feel scared anymore. I saw that he was holding a small ginger coloured puppy - some form of bull breed. I said: "Look it's the same as N when he was a puppy!" My male friend said: "No, it's slightly different..." and Muslim Lord held out the puppy so I could see it better. Indeed, instead of having N's black muzzle, this puppy had the same orange colour fur around its nose and mouth, which were also wider than N's. I thought the puppy was adorable. I tried to keep Muslim Lord's attention and get him to stay in the alleyway, but he and the models proceeded to go through the door which was just to our left. He said: "We're all too busy on a fashion shoot..." and they disappeared from view. 

I was then seated somewhere, with my male friend. I am not sure where I was, because I was holding a map of the London underground in my hands and that was all I could see in my field of vision. I was trying to find a particular tube stop. I was convinced that this tube stop was the location of my recurrent dream town, which is a familiar location in my dreams and is very vivid, yet accords with no one real-life town that I can remember visiting. I was telling my male friend that I would be able to find out where my dream town was once and for all and seemed to believe that the correct tube stop I was trying to find was on the Circle Line (yellow), somewhere in East London. I was following the Circle line on the map with my finger, reading all the stops and trying to figure out (by process of deduction) which stop I was searching for. In real-life there are not many stops for the Circle line in east London, as it is a narrow line. The only stops which cover the area of London I was looking at on the Circle Line route are Liverpool Street, Aldgate, Tower Hill and Monument - I have been to all of these locations in real-life, some on a regular basis. In the dream, the right-side of the Circle Line was much longer vertically, with many stops lining it - I did not see the names of these stops clearly and did not question why there were new locations on the tube map - I simply accepted that this was how it should be. I was frustrated not to be able to pinpoint where my dream town was. I was thinking of this dream town and remembering scenes from previous dreams where I was there, experiencing this place. I had a memory of crossing a busy road and coming to a row of shops next to some tall white townhouses, like those in Chelsea and other affluent areas of West London. I wondered if my dream town was really in West London, but I then thought it couldn't simply be an area of London, it was a town in its own right. My friend was telling me that we should leave - it seemed as if we were expected to attend somewhere or meet someone, but I felt as though I wanted to stay, looking at the tube map, and trying to find where my dream town was so I could intentionally visit it again.

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