Thursday, 26 July 2012

Dream 66

I was in a living room in a house. It was not a room I recognise from real-life, but it was filled full of furniture - sofa and armchairs, a bookcase in the corner by the door (which was metallic silver and very industrial looking) and a red and white carpet, for example. The lights were very bright. There was a conversation between PS and I about a third party female - who was not named and did not appear to be in the room with us. PS said that she was "beautiful like Christina Aguillera". I thought that Christina was a strange choice of comparison, as clearly there are many more beautiful women in the world of celebrity and PS has never singled her out before. I was sitting by the window, on a white beanbag or small stool - I was low, almost below the bottom of the windowsill. I was counting out red and white Haribo sweets, onto a small coffee table, also by the window. Something alerted my attention to the bookshelf. I started to remove books from the shelves. I then had a vision flash before my eyes of a big metallic silver cabinet, which was perfectly square. It was filled with vinyl records. In the space around the cabinet I could see some of a room - very different to that which I was currently in - it was modern for the 1970s, that proto-minimalist space age Futurism style, in browns and blacks and creams. There were leather chairs - round and low backed on a single central leg and a round modern art sculpture. I thought that I was seeing a Scandinavian home, although I am unable to say why I had this thought. I was then standing in front of the bookshelf again and was stacking books on the arm of a white sofa. All the books were the collaborative children's books by Joan Aiken and Jan Pienkowski, all of which I own and love so much in real-life. These books are - A Necklace of Raindrops (1968); The Kingdom Under the Sea (1971); Tale of a One-Way Street (1978) & Past Eight O'Clock (1986). I first of all wondered why my books were in this bookshelf, then I 'remembered' that these books were not my original copies, but second copies which I had just received from an online store. I saw the cardboard packaging which the books had been shipped in. Satisfied, I replaced the books on the bookshelf. I then saw the vision of the 1970s 'Scandanavian' home with the cabinet of vinyl records. When I came back to 'myself' I was now in a car with PS, driving around a roundabout. I was in the passenger seat of the car. I seemed to have forgotten the previous scenes of my dream, because I had the 'sudden' thought of the Joan Aiken books and decided that I should order them online as soon as possible, as I had not seen my original copies (in storage) in some time. We travelled along this road for a bit. It seemed like (upon waking and recalling the dream) two different roads in North West London had been spliced together into one in this dream. The next thing I recall, I am standing in front of a full-size princess mirror, admiring myself in a gold lame ballgown. My mind kept returning to the cabinet full of vinyl records and I thought to myself that I had better remember this vision when I woke up - which would have been a great lucidity trigger, as clearly I was aware that I was dreaming and training my mind to recall my dreams vividly. However, I failed to become lucid. I walked through the door to my left - the room suddenly becoming my old PE changing rooms at Sheringham High School - and into a tropical greenhouse, full of exotic flowers. There was a grey-haired man of old age standing inside and he showed me a fox he was holding in his arms. As I looked at the fox, which had it's mouth wide open, showing it's teeth, but made no noise and did not seem to be aggressive or vicious, I noticed he was wearing a green sweater vest over a white shirt with red vertical pinstripes. I woke up. I fell back asleep a few minutes later, having concentrated on returning to this last scene in my dream. Instead I recalled being in the 1970s Scandinavian home as I re-entered the dream. The windows in the 1970s room (which was also perfectly square) stretched from floor to ceiling. I was standing beside the window and looked out, seeing pine trees and a grey, smoggy sky. I was then lying on my stomach, looking into the cabinet of vinyl records, up close. As I looked up, I realise within the dream, that I was now seeing the exact same scene that had been in my earlier visions of this room, with the leather chairs and round modernist sculpture off to my left, visible behind the silver cabinet. The carpet was clearly beige and the leather chairs were chocolate brown. The sculpture was cream coloured stone. There was a round black rug. PS entered through a door to the rear of the room. He had many square presents, wrapped in red and white tinselly paper. He said we had to get the 'wedding presents' ready - it wasn't our wedding, I knew it was someone else's but I do not recall whom. He put the presents down in a huge pile (bigger than when they were in his arms) on the carpet. I thought to myself - those presents were the Haribo sweets I was counting out earlier. I woke up.

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