Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Dream 59

Dream date: 15th July 2012

This is the longest and most vivid dream I have had in a long time. It was not a lucid dream, but it was so clear and I was so aware of my environment and the sexual element of this dream that it was very close to triggering lucidity.

PS and I were upstairs, standing on the landing, in my nan, PC's home in Sheringham. We had our back to my former bedroom (where my belongings are stored in real-life) and were facing the room which used to belong to my uncle. PS said to me: "I think JH (his young sister) is crying downstairs". We went downstairs to see what was going on.  The living-room was exactly the same as it appears in real-life. JH was sitting on the chair by the door, on the arm, with MH (eldest brother) on the seat. The curtains were open and it was broad daylight outside. JH was not crying, she was reading a comic. I asked her what was wrong (even though she was not crying). She said that she had to buy her friend a present, but could not go to the shops. I asked her what present she wanted to buy. She told me that she needed to get cotton wool and come eyebrow tweezers. I said I would get them for her as PS and I were going out. She gave me £300 - all in £20 notes. I put the money in the top pocket of my brown/pink jacket (in real-life I had expressed annoyance at men who put money loose in their pockets then moan that they have lost some!). PS and I were then in a strange environment. There was a huge green hill, with stone structures circling upwards around it, We were standing halfway up the hill on the concrete of one of these structures (almost like the ruins of a wall, curling up round the hill) staring downwards at more grass. This was an ancient monument/area of some kind and we were on a day trip, but it was time to leave. We walked down the hill again, onto the grass and thereafter onto some gravel. Some buses were parked on the gravel. In the mid-distance was a small white one-storey building - nothing more than a hut, with a door and one window. I knew it was a shop and I told PS that I should go in before we get on the bus so I could purchase JH's cotton wool and eyebrow tweezers. We walked across the gravel to the small white hut. Inside it was very small - about 8 foot x 8 foot. There was only one refrigerated cabinet, with canned drinks for sale. This was to my near left corner, beside the door, as I faced into the shop from the doorway. In the 'far left' corner was a small desk with a till. The shop assistant girl was wearing a blue and white checked apron over jeans and had blonde hair, tied back in a ponytail. She was in her early 20s and seated on a very low stool. As soon as PS and I entered the shop, she took out a huge spliff and started smoking it. I said to PS that we should take it from her and smoke it as there was nothing she could do. Suddenly I was aware of two other persons in the shop - a middle-aged man in a brown coat and an elderly woman with a blue rinse hairstyle and large, white-framed glasses. I took one of the £20 notes from the top pocket of my jacket. Suddenly the elderly woman grabbed it off me and said: "you just robbed me!" I told her the money was mine, but she persisted in saying I had stolen it from her. I said to PS: "this woman is saying I stole her money, but it's JH's". I saw there was a CCTV camera above PS's head (to the right of the door, if I'm facing into the shop). I told PS to "touch the money" which was being held onto by both myself and the elderly woman. PS touched the money. I grabbed it tighter and broke the elderly woman's grip. I told her that I would prove it was mine - I would count the remaining money in my top pocket which would amount to £280 - which with the £20 in dispute, would total £300 - the sum I was looking after for PS's 13 year old sister. I counted the money out. It seemed very difficult - mentally challenging - and I was relieved to see that my calculation was right and with the reclaimed £20, I now had the full £300. The middle-aged man in the brown jacket told me that he had seen the elderly woman try to steal the money from me and he had always believed me. PS said the bus was now about to leave and we had to hurry - there was no time to buy anything from the shop. I knew the CCTV camera had captured the whole incident with the money and that I would not be blamed for any robbery, but I was angry at the elderly woman for creating a scene and holding me up. I grabbed her glasses from her face and crushed them in my hand before throwing them to the ground. I screamed at her that she was a liar and pushed her. PS and I left and walked towards the bus. The light was getting dimmer. I felt adrenaline. The next thing I recall, PS and I are back at my nan's home, in my bedroom. In this room there are two single beds, facing the door and a dressing table. PS and I were in the one by the window. It was very dark. Something woke me up (this could easily have led to a false awakening, but it didn't!). I saw a face looming through the darkness. At first I thought it was a death-mark with holes for eyes, but as my own vision came into focus, I saw it was MH. He leaned on the bed and said that earlier in the afternoon the police had been in contact and had told him that they would be coming to arrest me for the assault on the elderly woman in the shop. He said they would be bringing police sniffer dogs and therefore he had put N the dog in the back garden. PS and I got out of bed quickly, in a panic. I pulled open the curtains and it was now daylight. On the window sill was a large quantity of cannabis. There was a shoebox-sized box on the floor with a royal blue paisley design. Inside this was another quantity of cannabis. I told PS that we needed to hide the drugs. We were trying to work out what to do with this cannabis when I heard the front door get kicked in. I went to the top of the stairs (which is just opposite the door to my bedroom). I could see two female police officers in traditional police uniforms. Both were short and fat, with shoulder length hair in ponytails - one blonde, the other brunette. The sniffer dog was a tiny ginger-furred sausage dog. The police entered the bedroom. They told me that they were arresting me on suspicion of assault and I would be held in a cell and interviewed at the police station. I didn't feel as panicked as I had done only moments earlier. However, I was very aware that I did not want to go in a police station cell. I wondered if I should ask for a lawyer (or whether I as a lawyer was competent at handling my own interview). I backed onto the bed, until I was sitting up by the pillows. PS was next to me, under the duvet. The blonde police officer held up the duvet, telling me that I hadn't even been bothered to put a duvet cover on it. She said it was from "Egyptian Primark". The next thing I knew, her head was under the duvet. I saw a grey metal circle (like the inside of a screw's hole), with a metal drill-bit getting pushed through it in my mind's eye (i.e. I did not see it in the bedroom, rather as a 'cut-away' image) and I could hear the whirring noise of the drill-bit. At the same time I became aware that the blonde police officer had inserted her finger into my vagina (a few days earlier I had explained the meaning of 'digital rape' to PS in real-life). I soon became aware that she was now licking my clitoris. The sensation of oral sex felt about as nice as it would in real-life, had the act been consensual and I soon orgasmed (I am not sure if I did in real-life, but this would make it a female wet dream!). The police officer came out from under the duvet. I was aware that I could get her to stop the arrest and any charges against me on the basis that she had now sexually assaulted me. I was certain I could use this counter-allegation to my advantage. I told her that I would be reporting her to the Chief Constable if she took me to the station. The brunette police officer said they would be taking no action against me and I was free. I was then standing to the side of a building, behind some hedges. I could not see what type of building it was due to my position behind the bush. It was daylight, but damp. I was staring intently at the leaves on the hedge and kept repeating to someone (not seen): "remind them to give me a notice of discontinuance or it might not count" (this is the name of the letter sent to the defence/court when the prosecution drop a case against the accused). I woke up.

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