Friday, 20 July 2012

Dream 62

I was in a bar - it had old-fashoned booths withround wooden tables and glass screens sectioning them off from one another. The seats had a red patterned wool design. Through one of the glass panels I could see two girls who were extremely popular during high school, who were not friends, but whom I got on with, KL and HC. They were dressed in party dresses, one in orange satin, the other in a red patterned satin. They were talking and drinking cocktails. I noticed that I was wearing some form of uniform - a red blouse and a tartan knee-length skirt. I had a book in my hands (it was at this point I noticed this). PP came to my table and asked what I was doing. I said that I had just finished working and was resting. He joined KL and HC (whom he would not know in real-life) and I was aware that they were all going to a university ball. Suddenly I found myself eating lemon meringue pie with a long spoon. I then noticed that I was wearing a bright pink satin prom-dress. It had diamontes on the neckline (strapless) and the hemline. I turned to see that KL and HC and PP were still behind me in their booth. I went over. I said to the group: "Does all this sateen make us look too slutty?" The girls laughed and I said: "I'm sorry, but I can say that without offence because we're all the same now..." Everyone agreed with me, laughing in a friendly way and nodding their heads. I wondered where I had put my uniform as it was nowhere to be seen. PP asked me if I was joing them for the party and I told him that we should go for a walk in the forest at night instead. I woke up.

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